Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2

20 terms by paigesutula

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adj. Having skill in the use of the bodily or mental powers. syn: clever, deft, dexterous, slick ant: clumsy, unkept, all thumbs.


(adj.): peaceable, friendly syn: congenial, neighborly, cordial. ant: hostile, antagonistic.


(adj.) having a deep-seated distaste; opposed, unwilling syn: disinclined, loath. ant: favorably disposed, eager, keen.


(adj.): given to fighting, warlike; combative, aggressive; (n): one at war, one engaged in war syn: assertive, truculent, pugnacious. ant: peacful, conciliatory, placid


(adj.): kindly, charitable syn: benign, well-meaning. ant: malicious, spiteful, malevolent.


(adj.): hasty, not thorough syn: quick, superficial, perfunctory. ant: thorough, painstaking, careful


(n): treachery, deceitfulness syn: fraud, double-dealing, chicanery


(v) to praise extravagantly syn: glorify, applaud, acclaim, hail. ant: criticize, belittle, disparage.


(adj.): possible, able to be done. syn: workable, practicable, viable. ant: unworkable, impractical


(n): a wry face, facial distortion; (v): to make a wry face syn: pained expression, facial contortion. ant: smile, grin, beam


(n): a large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering. syn: conflagration, devastation, annihiliation. Ant: deluge, indundation


(adj.): not affected or hurt by; admitting of no passage or entrance Syn: impenetrable, resistant, proof against. Ant: porous, permeable, vunerable.


(n): a moving force, impulse, stimulus Syn: impulse, incentive, spur. Ant: curbm hindrance, impediment, constraint


(n): danger. syn: risk, hazzard, peril. ant: saftey, security.


(adj) - extremely careful about small details. syn: careful, wary. ant: careless, sloppy. syn: fastidious, painstaking, fussy. Ant: careless, negligent, sloppy.


(n): a longing for something past; homesickness


(n): the purest essence or form of something; the most typical example. Syn: paragon, exemplar.


(v): to move backward; to return to an earlier condition. Syn: revert, degenerate, decline. Ant: advance, evolve, progress.


(v): to examine closely. syn: inspect, pore over, ant: skim, scan, glance at.


(adj): lukewarm; unenthusiastic, marked by an absence or interessyn: insipid, halfhearted, wishy-washy. Ant: heated,

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