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Place & manner of articulation for IPS English vowels and dipthongs, plus their approximate sounds.

High Front Tense Unrounded

as in deep, keep

High-Mid Central Lax Unrounded

as in above, love

Low-Mid Front Lax Unrounded

as in breath, death

Low Front Lax Unrounded

as in cat, bat

Low Back Lax Unrounded

as in lock, block

Mid Central-Back Lax Unrounded

as in cup, sup

Low-Mid Back Lax Rounded

as in caught, wrought
Received Pronunciation

High-Mid Back Lax rounded

as in book, look

High Back Tense Rounded

as in two, blue

High-Mid Front Lax Unrounded

as in ship, pig, fish

High Back Lax Rounded

as in should

Low Mid-Front Tense Rounded

as in bike, fire, ice

Back Mid Tense Rounded

as in toy, noise, oil, point

Back Mid Tense Rounded

as in phone, bone, snow, road

Low Central Tense Rounded

as in clown, shout, cow, house

Mid Front Tense Unrounded

as in chair, cake, game, prey

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