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  1. Anecdote
  2. Rhetorical Devices
  3. Stereotype
  4. Tercet
  5. Allusion
  1. a A general classification based on common assumptions. Similar to archetype
  2. b A stanza of three lines
  3. c Technique that an author or speaker uses to evoke an emotional response in his audience.
  4. d A reference to a familiar person, event, or work of literature or art
  5. e A very short tale told by a character in a literary work

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  1. In literature generally, a major work dealing with an important theme. E.G. "The Odyssey"
  2. A monologue by a character who is not addressing another character. Usually a means of expressing the character's thoughts to the audience. Also called interior monologue
  3. In the plot of a drama, ________ occurs when the protagonist is opposed by some person or force in the play
  4. A stanza of two lines
  5. In drama, a method used to build suspense by providing hints of what is to come

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  1. DictionTexts that have instructive, factual, and educational information


  2. Figurative LanguageSpeech or writing used to give an abstract meaning


  3. Concrete PoetryA poem that visually resembles something found in the physical world. E.G. A poem about a wormy apple written so that the words form the shape of an apple


  4. ElegyA symbolical narrative; representing the abstract through the concrete.


  5. LiteralA fictional prose work of substantial length