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  1. Figurative Language
  2. Euphemism
  3. Rhetorical Question
  4. Tone
  5. Conceit
  1. a A far-fetched simile or metaphor
  2. b Speech or writing used to give an abstract meaning
  3. c A question posed but not requiring an answer
  4. d Expression intended by the speaker to be less offensive, disturbing, or troubling to the listener than the word or phrase it replaces, makes it less troublesome for the speaker
  5. e A work's mood

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  1. A figure of speech wherein the speaker speaks directly to something nonhuman.
  2. A reference to a familiar person, event, or work of literature or art
  3. A subdivision of an epic poem. Each of the three books of Dante
  4. One sensory experience described in terms of another sensory experience.
  5. In literature, a word or phrase preceding or following a name which serves to describe the character

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  1. MetaphorA direct comparison of two unlike things


  2. Rising ActionThe part of a drama which begins with the exposition and sets the stage for the climax


  3. ItalianA story in poetic form, often about tragic love and usually sung


  4. MythAn unverifiable story based on religious belief. The characters of ____ are gods and goddesses


  5. SimileThe comparison of two things using like or as