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  1. Anecdote
  2. Figurative Language
  3. Genre
  4. Soliloquy
  5. Epigraph
  1. a Speech or writing used to give an abstract meaning
  2. b A literary type or form. Drama is a _____ of literature.
  3. c A brief quotation which appears at the beginning of a literary work.
  4. d A very short tale told by a character in a literary work
  5. e A monologue by a character who is not addressing another character. Usually a means of expressing the character's thoughts to the audience. Also called interior monologue

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  1. The organization or arrangement of the piece
  2. Deductive reasoning. Forming a conclusion based on 2 pieces of evidence
  3. In the Middle Ages, tales of exciting adventures written in the vernacular (French) instead of Latin. Tales of chivalry or amorous adventure occurring in King Arthur's court
  4. The plan of action, the way writers writes to convey what he/she is trying to convey
  5. An implied disagreement between what is said and what is meant

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  1. Short StoryA short fictional narrative


  2. LiteralA literary work that has to do with shepherds and rustic settings


  3. Lyric PoemA short poem wherein the poet expresses an emotion or illuminates some life principle


  4. ItalianA story in poetic form, often about tragic love and usually sung


  5. BalladA story in poetic form, often about tragic love and usually sung