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  1. Jargon
  2. Figurative Language
  3. Myth
  4. Setting
  5. Lyric Poem
  1. a Speech or writing used to give an abstract meaning
  2. b Place, time, surroundings of where the literature takes place/occurs. As in a contemporary setting
  3. c Words or expressions used by a particular group or profession; nonsensical, incoherent, or meaningless talk
  4. d A short poem wherein the poet expresses an emotion or illuminates some life principle
  5. e An unverifiable story based on religious belief. The characters of ____ are gods and goddesses

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  1. The part of a drama which follows the climax and leads to the resolution
  2. A poem which tells a story. Usually a long poem, sometimes even book length
  3. The plan of action, the way writers writes to convey what he/she is trying to convey
  4. The use of wit and humor to ridicule some weakness (in society, for example). It can be either gentle and smiling OR sharp and biting
  5. A literary type or form. Drama is a _____ of literature.

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  1. FarceA type of comedy based on a humorous situation


  2. FoilA poem in praise of something divine or expressing some noble idea


  3. SonnetA far-fetched simile or metaphor


  4. NovelA fictional prose work of substantial length


  5. Rhetorical QuestionA question posed but not requiring an answer