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  1. prosepct
  2. antebellum
  3. corpulent
  4. replete
  5. reform
  1. a v. To bring back to rightness, order or morality
  2. b adj. Extremely fat; obese
  3. c n. That which is exsepcted
  4. d adj. Filled up with
  5. e adj. Occuring before a war

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  1. adj. Significant to one's own profit or well-being
  2. v. To bring together features, ideas, or elements
  3. adj. Comparable to; like
  4. v. To reject by declaration
  5. v. To act hostile towards; provoke

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  1. affableadj. Good-natured; cheerful


  2. edictn. An official order


  3. prefigurev. To look like or predict a later thing or event


  4. dispelv. To scatter about, break up


  5. invidiousv. To call on for support


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