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  1. edict
  2. bibliophile
  3. transclucent
  4. audit
  5. inhibit
  1. a n. An official order
  2. b adj. Allowing light to pass through
  3. c n. A thorough review
  4. d n. One who loves books
  5. e v. To get in the way of; hinder

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  1. n. One who is hostile towards; one who opposes
  2. v. To formally withdraw
  3. n. A formal or authoritative statement
  4. n. A speech made by a single person
  5. adj. Causing disturbance or excitement

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  1. pedagoguen. Communication between two or more people


  2. inaudibleadj. Ununtterable, indescribable


  3. invokev. To make invalid; deactivate


  4. uniformadj. The same all the way throughout; consistent


  5. circumspectadj. Careful; mindful of rules and consequences