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  1. dialogue
  2. superlative
  3. corpulent
  4. exacting
  5. edict
  1. a adj. Demanding
  2. b adj. Excellent; above all others
  3. c adj. Extremely fat; obese
  4. d n. Communication between two or more people
  5. e n. An official order

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  1. v. To forcibly place upon
  2. adj. Lacking excitement; ordinary and dull
  3. v. To look like or predict a later thing or event
  4. n. Charitable donation to public causes
  5. adj. Filled up with

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  1. equilibriumn. Balance; steadiness


  2. bibliophilen. One who loves books


  3. dilatev. To use up; waste


  4. enamoredn. A word spelled exactly like another owrd, but having a different meaning


  5. indictv. To charge with a crime; accuse