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  1. antebellum
  2. agenda
  3. philanthropy
  4. infantile
  5. disposition
  1. a adj. Occuring before a war
  2. b n. Plan of action; purpose
  3. c n. Attitude or mood
  4. d n. Charitable donation to public causes
  5. e adj. Childish; immature

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  1. n. A formal or authoritative statement
  2. v. To inject; to fill something or someone with
  3. adj. Excellent; above all others
  4. v. To get in the way of; hinder
  5. adj. Warlike in nature

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  1. unisonn. In one voice


  2. protagonistn. One who is hostile towards; one who opposes


  3. prosepctn. That which is exsepcted


  4. amicableaadj. Ununtterable, indescribable


  5. dialoguen. A speech, passage, or event coming before the main speech or event