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  1. equilibrium
  2. resonant
  3. monologue
  4. adept
  5. proactive
  1. a n. A speech made by a single person
  2. b adj. Having an effect; powerful
  3. c adj. Skilled; expert at
  4. d n. Balance; steadiness
  5. e adj. Seeking to solve a problem before it occurs

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  1. adj. Forced to be exactly the same
  2. n. Body of ideas, achievements, and morals
  3. adj. Extremely fat; obese
  4. n. A formal or authoritative statement
  5. n. Similarity of word sounds

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  1. auditoryn. A thorough review


  2. infantilev. To inject; to fill something or someone with


  3. effigyv. To bring back to rightness, order or morality


  4. phosphorescentadj. Giving off light without heat


  5. repulsionn. Desire to aviod; disgust


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