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  1. posit
  2. adept
  3. vested
  4. phosphorescent
  5. monologue
  1. a adj. Giving off light without heat
  2. b v. To put forth; assert
  3. c n. A speech made by a single person
  4. d adj. Skilled; expert at
  5. e adj. Significant to one's own profit or well-being

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  1. adj. Happening by good fortune
  2. adj. Losing fondness for; unhappy with
  3. adj. Demanding
  4. v. To forcibly place upon
  5. adj. Filled up with

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  1. invidiousadj. Hateful or spiteful


  2. abstainv. To not do something; refrain


  3. depletev. To use up; waste


  4. prohibitn. That which is exsepcted


  5. reformv. To forcibly place upon