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  1. phototropic
  2. adept
  3. repulsion
  4. legacy
  5. enunciate
  1. a v. To pronounce or articulate
  2. b adj. Tending to grow or move towards light
  3. c n. Body of ideas, achievements, and morals
  4. d adj. Skilled; expert at
  5. e n. Desire to aviod; disgust

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  1. v. To confuse and frustrate
  2. n. A bad imitation of; a perversion of
  3. v. To scatter about, break up
  4. v. To bring back to rightness, order or morality
  5. adj. Unskilled; clumsy

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  1. philosophicaln. That which is exsepcted


  2. implementv. to put into action; execute


  3. monogamyn. Marriage to only one person at a time


  4. dispositionv. To put forth; assert


  5. belligerenceadj. Warlike in nature