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  1. monolithic
  2. misinformation
  3. disposition
  4. revoke
  5. inaudible
  1. a adj. So quiet as to be impossible to hear
  2. b adj. Exactly the same throughout; lacking any diversity
  3. c n. Untrue or wrong information
  4. d n. Attitude or mood
  5. e v. To make invalid; deactivate

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  1. n. That which is exsepcted
  2. adj. Warlike in nature
  3. adj. Occuring at the time of most influence
  4. n. Balance; steadiness
  5. n. A teacher, especially on ewho is dull and narrow-minded

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  1. corporealadj. Having to do with the body


  2. specteradj. Significant to one's own profit or well-being


  3. corpulentadj. Having to do with the body


  4. pronouncementv. To reject by declaration


  5. positadj. Skilled; expert at