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  1. effigy
  2. confound
  3. antagonize
  4. adept
  5. resonant
  1. a adj. Skilled; expert at
  2. b v. To act hostile towards; provoke
  3. c n. A figure constructed in mockery
  4. d v. To confuse and frustrate
  5. e adj. Having an effect; powerful

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  1. n. One who is hostile towards; one who opposes
  2. n. Ritual chant; spell
  3. adj. Allowing light to pass through
  4. v. To formally withdraw
  5. adj. Occuring before a war

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  1. expedientn. Something that gets in the way; obstacle


  2. dispelv. To scatter about, break up


  3. aptituden. A group that attends an important person


  4. equilibriumv. To stop one from doing something; prevent


  5. unisonn. In one voice