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  1. delegate
  2. reform
  3. edict
  4. belligerence
  5. aptitude
  1. a n. Warlike mood or attitude
  2. b v. To bring back to rightness, order or morality
  3. c n. An official order
  4. d v. To divide up, especially responsibilities
  5. e n. Skilled or suitability for

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  1. v. To make clear by explaining
  2. v. To support for an extended period of time
  3. v. To call on for support
  4. adj. Ununtterable, indescribable
  5. n. A bad imitation of; a perversion of

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  1. homonymn. A word spelled exactly like another owrd, but having a different meaning


  2. propelv. To scatter about, break up


  3. dialoguen. Communication between two or more people


  4. enamoredadj. Demanding


  5. unanimousadj. The same all the way throughout; consistent