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  1. proactive
  2. invidious
  3. posit
  4. vestment
  5. monopolize
  1. a v. To use or take so as to prevent others from using or taking
  2. b adj. Hateful or spiteful
  3. c v. To put forth; assert
  4. d adj. Seeking to solve a problem before it occurs
  5. e n. Clothing worn to symbolize religious or political authority

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  1. n. A word spelled exactly like another owrd, but having a different meaning
  2. adj. Extremely fat; obese
  3. n. A thorough review
  4. n. A ghost or phantom
  5. n. An official order

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  1. dialoguen. Communication between two or more people


  2. formativeadj. Excellent; above all others


  3. resonantadj. Having an effect; powerful


  4. delegateadj. Filled up with


  5. bellicoseadj. Warlike in nature