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Muscles of UE (1of 7)

Pectoralis Major -origin
Clavicle: medial half (anterior); Sternum: sternocostal head from anterior sternum; superior six costal cartilage; aponeurosis of external oblique ms.
Pectoralis Major -insertion
Intertubercular groove of humerus: lateral lip
Pectoralis Major -innervation
Pectoral nerves, lateral and medial (C5-T1)
Pectoralis Major -action
Flexion, adduction, medial rotation of shoulder
Pectoralis Major -relationship
Deltopectoral triangle(f6.15); anterior axillary wall
Pectoralis Minor- origin
Ribs 3-5
Pectoralis Minor- insertion
Coracoid process of scapula
Pectoralis Minor- innervation
Pectoral nerves, medial (C8-T1)
Pectoralis Minor- action
Stabilizes scapula, forced inspiration, anterior tilt of scapula
Pectoralis Minor- relationship
Deep to pec major, used as ms of forced inspiration, forms a bridge under which many axillary structures pass
Subclavius- origin
1st rib
Subclavius- insertion
Clavicle: inferior middle third surface
Subclavius- innervation
Nerve to subclavius (C5-C6)
Subclavius- action
Stabilizes and depresses clavicle, draws clavicle medially
Subclavius- relationship
Protects subclavian artery
Serratus Anterior- origin
ribs 1-9
Serratus Anterior- insertion
Scapula: anterior surface, medial border
Serratus Anterior- innervation
Long Thoracic Nerve (C5-C7)
Serratus Anterior- action
Protraction and upward rotation of scapula (Boxer's ms)
Serratus Anterior- relationship
Nerve damage causes "winged scapula"