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  1. destructive interference
  2. transverse wave
  3. what are some different types of waves
  4. what happens to the molecules in a medium as sound waves pass through?
  5. what kind of wave is sound
  1. a particles move in a direction that is perpendicular (at right angles) to the direction that the wave propagates
  2. b the molecules are alternately compressed and rarefied (stretched apart)
  3. c sound is a mechanical longitudinal wave that moves by compression and rarefaction--particles in the medium vibrate back and forth from a fixed position
  4. d the resultant wave is smaller (of lesser amplitude) than either one of its components
  5. e sound, light, magnetic, and heat

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  1. cm,mm
  2. pressure, density, and distance
  3. when multiple beams arrive at an identical location at exactly the same time and thereby lose their individual characteristics and combine to form a single wave
  4. acoustic waves
  5. straight or longitudinal

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  1. what is used to accurately describe the characteristics of a sound wavesound, light, magnetic, and heat


  2. if one of the acoustic variables of pressure, density, and distance has a rhythmic oscillation thenthe wave is not a sound wave


  3. what is acoustic propagationthe effects of the medium upon the sound wave (compression and rarefication)


  4. how are sound waves identifiedoscillations in acoustic variables


  5. what is constructive interferencethe resultant wave is smaller (of lesser amplitude) than either one of its components