SCM: Chapter 6

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The ___________ solution picks all the desired applications from a single vendor for the ERP system.
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Using the ________________ multiple software infrastructures and databases may have to be used to link the multiple applications obtained from different vendors.d. Best-of-breed solutionComplete the following MRP record and provide the planned order releases for Week 1. Lead time is 2 weeks. Safety stock is 3. Use LFL lot sizes.a. 29While ERP is a relatively new technology, it has grown rapidly since the early 1990s. Which of the following is the reason that has contributed to its rapid growth?b. The year 2000 millennium bugNot all ERP software is designed to provide the exact same tools, nonetheless, some of the common modules usually included in ERP software packages include:c. Customer relationship management and Human resource managementAccording to the textbook, which of the following is considered a reason that ERP implementations fail?b. Lack of communication within an organizationWhich strategy allows finished goods inventories to accrue and relies on backlogs to handle the demand?d. The Level Production StrategyLegacy MRP systems typically utilized multiple software packages and databases which caused:c. The same information to be stored in multiple locationsWhich strategy uses overtime and subcontracting to cope with the high demand periods?a. Mixed Production StrategyThe __________ specifies which end product is to be made, how many are required, and when they need to be completed.c. Aggregate production planThe ___________ planning horizon is shorter than the aggregate production plan's, but must be longer than a firm's production lead time to ensure the end item can be completed within the planning horizon?d. Master production schedule