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Review ST VII

Of the five levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which is most applicable to the surgical patient?
A common fear of school-aged children related to general anesthesia:
A major concern when treating geriatric patients requiring additional emotional support by the surgical team members is:
Chest X-ray
Which of the following is NOT routinely required for all patients preoperatively?
Allow use of pulse oximeter
Why should nail polish be removed?
When performing the preoperative shave, nicks and cuts are considered a clean wound for up to ______ minutes, and the surgical procedure need not be cancelled.
Never Removed
Under what circumstances can the patient's hospital identification bracelet be removed?
How many times is the patient identification confirmed before transportation from the ward room to the surgery department?
Do not transport to O.R. and inform O.R. personnel.
If a discrepancy occurs in the identification of a patient on the hospital ward, what action should be taken?
Feet First
When transporting a patient to the O.R., in what direction should the gurney be situated?
Over the thighs
When transporting a patient to the O.R. on a gurney, where should the safety strap be placed?
Enter head first, exit feet first
When transporting a patient to the O.R. on a gurney, how should the patient be transported when using an elevator?
Patient marks an X
If an adult patient is illiterate, how is the consent form signed?
The ultimate responsibility of obtaining the general consent belongs to the:
Inform surgeon and do not transport
The patient has withdrawn the general consent prior to surgery. What action should be taken?
Patient received preoperative medications
In which of the following situations will the patient not be allowed to sign the consent for surgery?
Assault and battery
A patient signs a consent for surgery but does not speak English and does not fully understand what he/she signed. Surgery on the patient could constitute a liability case for:
A general consent form
Authorizes all routine treatments or procedures:
Two consulting physicians agree
A minor requires emergency surgery, but the parents or closest living relative cannot be contacted. What procedure should be followed for securing a consent for surgery?
Avoid hyperextension of the arm
When using an armboard on the O.R. table, the most important measure is to:
Which of the following procedures would be performed with the patient in the lateral position:
The surgical position frequently used for patients undergoing kidney surgery is:
Incision site to periphery using circular motion
When performing the patient skin prep, the skin should be scrubbed and painted from the:
The position most commonly used for mitral valve replacement is:
The position most commonly used for tonsillectomy performed under local anesthesia is:
Fowler's is the position commonly used for some ______ and some ______ procedures:
Cardiovascular Complications
An anesthetized patient is moved slowly to prevent:
Prepped last or separately
When performing an abdominal prep the umbilicus is:
Prevent pressure on lower arm
In the lateral chest position, a sandbag or padding is placed under the chest at axillary level to:
Respiratory Complications
In the prone position, the thorax must be elevated from the O.R. table to prevent:
Use of unpadded armboard
Ulnar nerve damage could result from:
Peroneal Nerve
Stirrups that are not padded or improperly placed on the O.R. table can cause pressure on the:
Confirm the ankles and legs are not crossed
If the patient is in the supine position, the circulating surgical technologist must always:
The arms are tucked at the sides of the patient
All of the following are requirements of the Kraske postion EXCEPT:
Lower legs together
When moving a patient from the lithotomy position:
Safety belt is placed below the knees
Which of the following is not a requirement when a patient is placed in the prone position?
Retractors are improperly placed during pelvic surgery
The femoral nerve can be damaged if:
Pad heels to prevent pressure from O.R. table
To avoid foot drop:
The best surgical position for visualization of the lower abdomen or pelvis is:
Reverse Trendelenburg
The surgical position commonly used for thyroid and gallbladder surgery is:
Interference with respirations
Crossing the patient's arms across his/her chest in the supine position may cause:
In the prone position, which nerve could be compressed against the humerus?
Anesthesia provider
When positioning an anesthesized patient, supporting the head and neck is the responsibility of the:
When moving a patient with an unsplinted fracture, protecting the fracture is the responsibility of the:
Which procedure is best performed with the patient in the Trendelenburg position?
A reverse Trendelenburg position requires the added table attachment of a/an:
A small pad placed under a patient/s head in the supine position allows which muscles to relax?
Lateral kidney
What position allows the best approach to the retroperitoneal area of the flank?
Supine with bolster under right side
Which of the following positions is used for a cesarean section?
Shoulder roll
What device is used when placing a patient in the operative position for a thyroidectomy?
What nerve could be damaged when the patient is placed in Fowler's position?
16 Fr
What size of Foley catheter is commonly used for adults?
How much water is necessary to inflate a 5cc balloon on the Foley indwelling catheter?
Urine flow into drainage bag
After inserting the Foley catheter and prior to inflating the balloon, what should be confirmed?
Lower than level of the bladder
Where should the Foley indwelling catheter drainage bag be positioned after insertion of the catheter?
Shave against the direction of hair growth
When performing a preoperative, patient-shave prep, all of the following apply except:
If used as part of the skin prep, ______ solution should be allowed to dry before electrocautery is used.
Which of the following agents is commonly used when performing a patient skin prep of the eye?
When performing a patient skin prep of the vagina, which area is prepped last?
Which of the following areas should be prepped last when performing a patient skin prep?
Front to back
When draping a prep table, the first scrub surgical technologist should drape from: