12 terms

ch 2: cultural and social influences

the set of beliefs, customs, and attitudes of a distinct group of people
strongly held concepts that are present in a culture
social rules that affect behaviors and actions, and represent cultural values
folkways and mores
cultural customs that dictate how people act socially
the part a person plays in a social situation
a smaller group or subest within a larger culture
social institutions
the organizations that represent the patterns of activity that express the culture of a country
culture shock
a reaction that newcomers to a culture may experience; reactions may include feeling uncomfortable, afraid, resentful, and/or intrigued
cultural baggage
a set of cultural attitudes that include the beliefs, values, and assumptions that people carry with them throughout life
cultural bias
a preconceived attitude of favoring or disliking a particular culture
the practice of identifying a person or group by a single trait, or as a member of a certain group instead of as an individual
the belief that one's own culture is better than all other cultures