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labor hours and wages

-14-16 hours a day
-six days a week
-$1.25/day for unskilled workers
-$3/day for skilled workers
--women and children received one-third of these prices
--lowered cost for owners and labor market was oversaturated

factory conditions

--only light source was natural light
--few windows
-dangerous machines
--unprotected parts (exposed)
--many machines being operated by few workers
--close together
-few break times (usually 1-hour break)
-dusty and dirty
--leads to lung diseases
-children have a lack of education, physical activity, and sunlight
-leads to physical problems
--deformities in bones, legs, etc.
--shorter than average people

Parliamentary laws

-Factory Act of 1833
--no child under the age of 9 could work
--ages 9-12 could not work more than 8 hours a day
--ages 13-17 could not work more than 12 hours a day
--direct result of Sadler Committee
-Mines Act of 1842
--resulted from the Ashley Mines Commission
--no women or children were allowed underground in the mines
-10 Hours Act of 1847
--further restricted women and children (under age 17)
--could work no more than 10 hours a day
-1833-Abolition of slavery in the British Empire
--economic and moral reasons for this


-6-9 people in a 1-room apartment
-diseases spread rapidly
--lack of medical care
--died of common diseases


--no sanitation codes
--no regular garbage pick-up (garbage filled the streets)
-lack of adequate police
--only 39 officers for 10,000+ people
--increased crime rate
--overcrowded prisons
---led to more crimes being punishable by death

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