Test 2 soil management

I want to test the strength of my soil_______, so I I would use a slake test
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Finer soils require ____ spaced drainage pipe placement in the soil compared to coarse soils.Shallower and closerTo be a soluble salt, it must be atleast more soluble than ____ (in room temp water)Gypsum ( .24/100mL)Under ALKALINE conditions, acid buffering occurs from thisCarbonatesWhen I'm installing subsurface drainage, I want to make sure that _____Holes faced downwardHow does gypsum combat salinity and sodicity?Replaces soil Na+ with Ca2+ creates more soluble saltThis nutrient is likely to become too available under high pH soils, having symptoms of hollowed heart in beets and cauliflowerBoronAt alkaline pH _____ interacts with phosphorus to make it less availableCalciumThis soil would require more product to remove exchangeable sodium from soil55% clay 35% sand 10% siltPlants that love salty conditions are calledHalophytes*Corn grown on compacted soils would showEarly growth purple tinged leavesUnder anaerobic conditions, you'd expect decomposition rates toSlow downThere are 3 main components of a subsurface drainage systemFarm main, field lateral, field drainThe presence of columnar structures indicates ________ soilsSodicNitrogen is lost from alkaline soils occur mainly asAmmonia volitizationUnder anerobic conditions the conversion of _______ from a biological reaction is this called sulfur reductionSulfate to OMIf salt concentrations _______ of a plant cell are too high, _______, which looks like a burnOutside, water moves out of the cellDrainage class: excessively wellFree of mottlesDrainage class: somewhat poorGray/Brown surface over rust mottlesDrainage class: wellNo mottles in upper 40inDrainage class: moderateBright colors in upper B horizonDrainage class: PoorGray surface over brown mottlesUnder anerobic conditions you'd expect these plant essential nutrients to be lost from a soilOxygen, carbon, sulfur, and nitrogenUnder _______ conditions, compounds or elements tend toReduce, gain electronsWhich of these wetland characteristics is a mixture of calcium carbonate and mud, which can also be used as an agricultural limeMarlGypsum formulaCaSO4•2H2Obulk density formulaDry weight/volumeA good soil should have ____% pore space50A compacted soil should have _____ pore space5 plant essential elements that decrease in availability under alkaline/basic conditionsBoron, phosphorus, nitrogen, manganese, copper, zinc5 plant essential elements that increase in availability under alkaline/ basic conditionsPotassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum4 types of compaction that are normally problematic on agricultural soils.Surface crust, surface compaction, tillage pan, deep compactionLong term solution to fixing compaction caused by plowingMake specific driving lanes, wider tires, correct tire pressureTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS) are measured in mg/L or its equivalentppmEC is measured in dis/m ormmhos/cmA soil is saline when it haspH < 8.5 EC > 4 ESP < 15 SAR <13A soil is normal whenpH 6.5-7 EC <4 ESP <15 SAR <13A soil is acidic whenpH >6.5 EC <4 ESP <15 SAR <13A soil is sodic whenpH >8.5 EC <4 ESP >15 SAR >13What does EC stand for?Electro conductivityWhat does TDS stand for and what does it generally indicate?Total dissolved solids - a measure of water purity based on the amount of trace elements in the waterESP and formulaexchangeable sodium percentage. % sodium/all cations on CEC sitesSAR and formulaSodium Absorption Rate. Na/square root of Ca+Mg/2. 13 is cutoff