11 terms

Chapter 17-18-19 Vocabulary

those naked plump little boys with wings
Linear perspective
works by representing the light that passes from a scene through an imaginary rectangle (the painting), to the viewer's eye. It is similar to a viewer looking through a window and painting what is seen directly onto the windowpane
the lower zone of the altarpiece
embodied a worldview that focused on human beings; an education that perfected individuals through the study of past models of civic and personal virtue; a value system that emphasized personal effort and responsibility; and a physically active life that was directed toward the common good well as individual nobility
Trompe l'oei
a manner of representation in which the appearance of natural space and objects is recreated with the express intention of fooling with the eye of the viewer who may be convinced that the subject actually exists as three dimensional reality
An artwork made up of 3 panels. The panels may be hinged together so the side segments (wings) fold to a central area.
a device used in systems of spatial definition. In painting, a register indicates the use of differing ground lines to differentiate placement of self-contained bands of reliefs in a verticals arrangements
perspective, Atmospheric
A method of rendering the effect of spatial distance by subtle variations in color and clarity of representation
a painting technique in which water based pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster (called buon fresco- good fresco). The color is absorbed by the plaster, becoming a permanent part of the wall
Two panels of equal size (usually decorated with paintings of reliefs hinged together)
a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table