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7th Grade Midterm Review

Define a rational number.
A number that can be expressed as a ratio or a fraction. As decimals they end (terminated or repeated)
What is the value of 4 to the third power?
Simplify the expression 54 ÷ 3 ( 5+1)
Name the mathematical property shown.
(RS)T= R(ST)
The associative property.
Name the mathematical property shown.
The distributive property.
Find the value of the expression: t-jk if t= - 9, j= - 5, and k= -3.
- 9 - -5 X - 3
- 9 - +15
Translate into algebraic symbols: "Seven more than half a number is negative twelve" DON'T SOLVE!!! :)
(n÷2) +7= -12
Use the formula for the area of a trapezoid: A= 1/2 h (b₁+b₂) -or- A= ( (b₁+b₂)h ) ÷ 2 Where h is the height and base₁ and base₂ are the bases. If h= 6ft, b₁ =5ft, and b₂ = 9ft, determine the area.
42 ft
Find the value:
|-8 + 4| + |-2| + |6|
What is the mean, median, mode and range of the grades:
73, 83, 73, and 90?
Mean- 79.5
Median- 78
Mode- 73
Range- 17
The NYPD makes money from the traffic tickets. It is determined that in order to make enough money to support the department, on average, a police officer on duty must give 30 tickets per month. The table below shows the number of tickets given each month. Find the value of x so that the officer can meet his quota.

January- 27
The circle graph below shows the popularity of fruits among the students at Woodland Elementary School. Use the graph to determine the percent of the students that enjoy apples.
Calculate the sum of the measures of all interior angles in each polygon:
a Quadrilateral
b Heptagon
c Decagon
a 360
b 900
c 1,440
The measures of two angles of a triangle are 39 and 46. Find the measure of the third angle, then state the type of triangle. You must use two words.
95, obtuse and scalene
The radius of a circle measures 6in. Use π =3.14159... to calculate it's (a) area and (c) circumference.
C=37.7 in
A=113.0 in²
A rectangle base pyramid is shown. Use the formula V= (¹/₃)lwh to calculate the volume.
Use the laws of exponents to simplify and rewrite each:
a 7⁻²
b 7⁴ X 7⁵
c 2⁻⁷
a one over forty nine
b seven to the ninth power
c one over two to the seventh power
Define an irrational number
A number that cannot be expressed as a ratio or fraction. As decimals they do not end or repeat.
Order the following numers from the least to greatest.
|-2|, 2⁰, -10/5, 3⁻², 0⁵

-Find th evalue of each number.
-Place the numbers in order from least to greatest.
-Graph each number on the line (on the worksheet.
-Show the point and label it with the original number given.
(see worksheet and do it on that) and check with answer key)
Joanne is making a gift box with the dimensions below. How much fabric will she need to cover the entire surface area of the box.
220 cm
Joanne is making a gift box with the dimensions below. Find the volume of the box.
200 cm
Find the surface area of this cylinder.
678.6 cm
Find the volume of this cylinder .
226.1 cm
Using the formula, find the surface area of this triangle prism.
201 cm
Using the formula, find the volume of this triangle prism.
216 cm