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political party

a group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office

political spectrum

range of political views


stong support of their party and its political stands

single-member districts

electoral district from which one person is chosen by voters for each elected office


largest number of votes cast for an office


supported by two parties


general agreement among various groups


temporary alliance of several groups who can together to from a working majority and so to contorl a government


current office holder


competing groups

spoils system

practice of awarding public offices, contracts, and other governmental favors to those who supported the party in power


people eligible t vote


narrow-minded concern for, or devotion to, intrests of one section of a country

ideological parties

parties based on a particular set of beliefs

single-issue parties

parties taht focus on only one public-policy matter

economic protest parties

parties rooted in poor economic times, lacking a clear ideological base, disatisfied with curren conditions and demanding better times

splinter parties

parties taht have split away from major parties


a unit into which cities are often divided for the election of city council members


smallest unit of election administartion; voters in each precinct cast their ballots at one polling place loacted with the precinct

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