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  1. marius
  2. assemblies
  3. tribune
  4. senate
  5. punic wars
  1. a a Roman general who was elected consul seven times- he is known for the big changes he made to the Roman army, making it easier for men to be Roman soldiers
  2. b primary job was to elect the magistrates and had both patricians and plebians
  3. c In ancient Rome, an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights.
  4. d In ancient Rome, the supreme governing body, originally made up only of aristocrats.
  5. e A series of three wars between Rome and Carthage (264-146 B.C.); resulted in the destruction of Carthage and Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean.

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  1. means "our sea" nickname for Mediterranean sea for Romans
  2. (in ancient Rome) overseer of morals (also taking the census); person who eliminates inappropriate matter; V.
  3. The period from 507 to 31 B.C.E., during which Rome was largely governed by the aristocratic Roman Senate. (p. 148)
  4. the high priest of Rome, the head of Roman state religion; he appointed and oversaw the vestal virgins.
  5. a landowning upper class in rome

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  1. latifundiahuge estates bought up by newly wealthy roman citizens


  2. hannibalgeneral who commanded the Carthaginian army in the second Punic War


  3. cato the elderan ancient city state on the north African coast near modern Tunis, City located in present-day Tunisia, founded by Phoenicians ca. 800 B.C.E. It became a major commercial center and naval power in the western Mediterranean until defeated by Rome in the third century B.C.E. (p. 107)


  4. fascesThe son of Venus and Anchises, he was a noble fighter for Troy during the Trojan War. He escaped from Troy as the Greeks were sacking the city and went off in search of a place to establish the new Troy. He settled in Italy, where his descendants founded the city of Rome.


  5. etruscanspeople from Etruria , ( north of Rome) that took control of Rome and Latium. Ruled Rome for more than 100 years. Built up Rome, streets, temples. Skilled metal workers Rome became rich from mining and trade