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TRUE OR FALSE: The Iroquois were a single tribe of Native Americans.
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TRUE OR FALSE:The Bad Mind becomes the Evil Spirit that takes control over the souls of the dead. This makes The Bad Mind a Satanic figure, and this part of the story may indicate Christian influences creeping into the story by the time it was written down. It's possible that early versions of the story had different endings.
TRUE OR FALSE: Pocahontas was the real name of the American Indian girl who saved the life of John Smith.falseTRUE OR FALSE: We have real historical evidence that Pocahontas fell in love with John Smith.FalseTRUE OR FALSE: John Smith's account of the actions of Pocahontas were probably inaccurate due to his lack of understanding of the ceremonies and cultural traditions of his captors.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Pocahontas married John Smith.FalseTRUE OR FALSE: Pocahontas married an Englishman and changed her name to Rebecca.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Pocahontas died at the age of 21.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Pocahontas died at Jamestown.FalseTRUE OR FALSE: John Smith's account of Pocahontas saving his life was published several years after her death, so we do not know how or if she would have disputed it.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: John Smith claimed that Pocahontas laid her head across his to prevent his death by clubbing.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Disney's portrayal of Pocahontas is probably very accurate historically.FalseWilliam Bradford sailed aboard The _______________.MayflowerWilliam Bradford settled where in The New World?PlymouthWilliam Bradford was elected as ______________ of his colony.governorTRUE OR FALSE: William Bradford was a type of Puritan known as a Separatist.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Separatists believed that they could make reforms within the Church of England.FalseWhat year did Bradford arrive in America?1620TRUE OR FALSE: Bradford describes making repairs to the ship with a large iron screw.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Bradford describes a calm voyage without many problems in the way of sickness or storms.FalseWhat time of year does Bradford say the ship arrived in The New World?NovemberHow does Bradford describe the Native Americans he encounters upon arrival in The New World?He calls them savage barbariansWhat structural units does Rowlandson use to divide her captivity narrative into chronological sequence?RemovesHow long was Rowlandson a captive?11 weeksWhat happens to the body of her six-year-old daughter Sarah after she dies of wounds and malnourishment?The Indians bury herWhat happens shortly after the Englishman Mr. John Hoar invites the Sagamores to dinner?They steal from himWith which New Englander was Rowlandson in most regular contact during her captivity?Her sonAt the end of the narrative, who gives Rowlandson and her family a place to live?the South Church in BostonMary Rowlandson refers to the leader of the American Indians who take her into captivity by what name?King PhilipTRUE OR FALSE: Mary Rowlandson credits her faith with sustaining her throughout her captivity.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Mary Rowlandson is never reunited with her children who are taken into captivity.FalseMary Rowlandson's husband holds what job?He is a ministerAnne Bradstreet was born in ________________.EnglandTRUE OR FALSE: Anne Bradstreet was the first woman to publish a book that was written in North America.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: Anne Bradstreet was thrilled and not at all embarrassed when she found out her book had been published.FalseWhat is a metaphor used by Bradstreet to describe her published collection of poems?An ungroomed child going out of the house dressed in ragsAnne Bradstreet once lost her home as a result of a ________________.fireTRUE OR FALSE: Anne Bradstreet believed there was a simple medical reason and no other reason for her inability to have a child immediately following her marriage.FalseAfter the loss of her home, Bradstreet takes comfort in what thought?Her wealth is not in this world but in HeavenTRUE OR FALSE: Anne Bradstreet believed that sickness was caused by sin.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: In her letter to her children, Bradstreet describes a life in which she never experience any doubt about her faith or her God.FalseAnne Bradstreet wrote a poem about being separated from her husband. Why were they separated?He was working in another townWhy, according to Edwards, is God wrathful toward the Puritan people of New England?People are wicked sinners, and God's wrath is infinite and arbitrary.If He is so wrathful, why doesn't God smite the wicked now, instead of waiting?God is waiting for some sign that we believe in Christ, but he is ever ready to smite us if we turn out not to believe.Why is Edwards giving this sermon, if we are all in such mortal peril from God's wrath?He believes we must be awoken to our peril so that we may experience conversion.What phrase does Edwards use to describe the force that stays God's hand from smiting us in his wrath?the sovereign pleasure of GodWhich of the following will not be a characteristic quality of the wrath we can expect from God if we continue in our unregenerate ways?appropriate to your sinsAt one point during his description of God's wrath, Edwards quotes and then interprets Isaiah 63.3: "I will tread them in mine anger, and will trample them in my fury, and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment." Which of the following is not one of the "manifestations" that Edwards names from this passage?pityHow goes the pace of unconditional election during the Great Awakening?It is quickeningJonathan Edwards was a prominent figure in The Great Awakening, which can best be described as ________________.a religious revivial movementJonathan Edwards was dismissed from his church for doing what?Calling out backsliders in the community by nameJonathan Edwards died of ____________ after receiving an inoculation for it.SmallpoxTRUE OR FALSE: Cotton Mather believed that witches who could perform powerful dark magic because they were in league with the Devil were not only real but living in, around, and among Christian communities.TrueHow many people were executed for witchcraft in Salem in 1692?Close to 20How did the witch trial hysteria start in Salem?A group of young girls started having fits and acting strangely.What is a possible "real" explanation for Betty Parris's "possession"?she made it up she was suffering from mental illness she was having a reaction to something she ateTRUE OR FALSE: Cotton Mather attended every witch trial in SalemFalseTRUE OR FALSE: When Martha Carrier was accused of witchcraft, some of her children confessed to being witches.TrueTRUE OR FALSE: The testimonies of Martha Carrier's children were used against her in court.FalseTRUE OR FALSE: The fact that someone came down with an infection after arguing with a woman they considered to be a "hag" would not have been admissible evidence of witchcraft in court at the time of the Salem witch trials.FalseTRUE OR FALSE: During the Salem witch trials, people who criticized the trials, often became targets, and were accused of witchcraft themselves.TrueWho said this? "Better that ten suspected witches should escape than one innocent person should be condemned."Increase MatherWhere did Polly Baker make her speech?In courtHow many children did Polly Baker have?5Why does Polly Baker defend herself?She had a child without being married.What's the end result of Polly Baker's speech?One of her accusers has to marry her.Franklin says Native Americans are referred to as savages for what reason?Only because they have different customsFranklin tells a story about an American Indian man observing a Christian merchant going to church. He decides that the lesson learned in church is what?How to cheat an Indian.The stories Franklin tells about the "savages" imply what message?The they are actually more civilized than the white Christians who are judging them.TRUE OR FALSE: Benjamin Franklin loved working with his FatherFalseTRUE OR FALSE: Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of IndependenceTruePoor Richard says "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and _________."wiseWhich of the following people joined Jefferson on the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence?Benjamin FranklinAccording to Jefferson, who is primarily responsible for the wrongs and injustices the American colonists were experiencing in the 1770s?Kin George III of EnglandWhich of the following is not a grievance listed in the Declaration?compelling colonists to join the Church of EnglandWhat point did Jefferson make about slavery in his first draft of the Declaration?He complained that the King had imposed the slave system on American colonists against their wishes.Jefferson's claims about natural rights—the idea that "all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights"—are presented in the Declaration ascommon-sense concepts that were already well established and widely accepted.One of the most substantive changes the Continental Congress made to Jefferson's draft of the Declaration was toremove his denunciation of the slave trade.What was the last colony to approve the Declaration?New YorkWhat governmental position did Thomas Jefferson hold?President Secretary of State Governor of Virginia and moreTRUE OR FALSE: Despite taking a stand against slavery, Jefferson was a slave owner who did not free his slaves during his lifetime.TrueJefferson's home, which he designed himself, is named ______________.MonticelloWhat was the purpose of The Federalist Papers?To argue for the adoption of a new constitution for a new federal governmentWhich Founding Fathers wrote The Federalist Papers?Hamilton Madison JayWho wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers?Alexander HamiltonThe Federalist Papers were first published in what state?New YorkThe Federalist Papers were published under what pseudonym?PlubiusTRUE OR FALSE: The writers of the Federalist Papers were influenced by European philosophers from the Enlightenment.TrueWhat type of government did the writers of the Federalist Papers want?a democratic republicIn Federalist Paper No. 10, what's considered to be one of the biggest dangers to a democracy?factionsWhat's the difference between a republic and a democracy?A democracy means direct rule by the people, and a replubic involves representative government.TRUE OR FALSE: The writer of Federalist Paper No. 10, believed that rule of law was necessary in order to prevent the property owners from oppressing those without property.TrueWhat was Thomas Jefferson's main comment on Chief Logan's Speech?He said it was as great as any of the classic speeches of Western society.How does Chief Logan describe his attitude toward the white man in the past?He says that in the past he treated the white man with courtesy and friendship.What does Chief Logan accuse Col. Cresap of doing?Murdering his entire familyWhat does the textbook say about Chief Logan's family that contradicts his own account?It says that Chief Logan was later killed by a nephew despite claiming to have no remaining relatives.What was Benjamin Franklin's job at the time that he received the letter from a Cherokee woman?He was Governor of PennsylvaniaWhat does the Cherokee woman say she is sending to Franklin?Tobacco from a peace pipeWhat is it that the Cherokee woman is asking of Franklin?to protect the peace for the sake of all Native childrenWhat was Tecumseh trying to accomplish in his speech to the Osages?He wanted all native people to join together to resist the takeover of their lands by white people.Tecumseh's brother was known as _________________.The ProphetThe turning point that led to the ultimate defeat of Tecumseh's cause was _______________.The death and defeat of Tecumseh's brother