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  1. perder el tiempo
  2. Qué va, es ponerse, como en todos los trabajos.
  3. No tiene que ver con...
  4. expulsar
  5. Dentro de lo que cabe
  1. a to waste time
  2. b to expel/ to dismiss
  3. c All things considered
  4. d It has nothing to do with...
  5. e Nonsense, it's just a matter of making an effort, as in all jobs.

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  1. button
  2. to behave
  3. to split one's sides laughing
  4. Wow!/ Unbelievable!
  5. to stand out

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  1. el cargostamp


  2. sellarto fly


  3. el/a jefe/aboss


  4. Me tocaIt's my turn


  5. intentarto try