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Salivary Amylase

Blank, an enzyme that begins starch digestion in the mouth

Lingual Lipase

Blank, an enzyme that is activated by stomach acid and digests fat after the food is swallowed


Blank, which binds and lubricates the food mass and aids in swallowing


Blank, an enzyme that kills bacteria

Immunoglobulin A

Blank, an antibody that inhibits bacterial growth


Blank, including sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and bicarbonate salts

Intrinsic Salivary Glands

The blank are an indefinite number of small glands dispersed amid the other oral tissues of salivary glands

Extrinsic salivary glands

The blank are three pairs of larger, more discrete organs located outside of the oral mucosa

Parotid Gland

The blank, located just beneath the skin anterior to the earlobe

Submandibular Gland

The blank, located halfway along the body of the mandible, medial to its margin, just deep to the mylohyoid muscle

Sublingual Gland

The blank, located in the floor of the mouth

Salivatory Nuclei

Salivation is controlled by groups of neurons called blank in the medulla oblongata and pons

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