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  1. This began the Bourbon Dynasty in France. He came to power after his cousin, Henry III, was assassinated in 1589. Huguenot was a politique as well- he valued political peace above religious unity. In 1593, he abjured Protestantism and embraced the traditional religion of France, the religion of the majority in France- Catholicism. He passed the Edict of Nantes, increasing Protestants' rights in France. He was assassinated by a Catholic fanatic in 1610.
  2. Ruler of the Hapsburg empire. Was was elected the holy roman emperor by German princes. Faught off the ottoman empire from the city of Vienna. Inherited Spain and it's American colonies from his grandparents
  3. assisted Louis in achieving his goals and believed in the theory of mercantilism and who to prevent wealth from leaving the country and tried to make Franch self-sufficient

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  1. Louis xivGoal was to restore the catholic church. Sends the Spanish armada to England as an effort to force the nation back to catholicism


  2. Suleiman the magnificentEncouraged tolerance


  3. Peter the great( Peter romanov)King of Prussia (1740-1786). Successful in the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748) and the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), he brought Prussia great military prestige in Europe. Invited heugenots to Prussia and resulted in an increase in the Prussian army. Military genius