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Florida Drivers Test

Speed Limit- Municipal speed areas
Business or Residential area
rural Interstate
Limited access highways
all other roads and highways
Maximum Speed Limit
if speed limit is 70 then the minimum is
if your driving slower than the flow of traffic you should. . .
keep to the right so others may safely pass
if you are stopped by an office you should pull to the. . .
Right (when it is safe to do so)
Who has the right of way?
No one!
Drivers entering the roundabout must. .
Yield to drivers already in the roundabout
When passing a cyclist allow a minimum
of 3 feet clearance
Watch for motorcycles and
Yield the right of way
Maintian a _ second buffer zone between you and a motorcycle (more in bad weather)
with Transit busses drivers must
Yield the right of way
Drivers entering the road from a driveway should. . .
Yield to vehicles already in the road.
Give the Turn signal at least ___ Feet
You cannot pass if. . .
There is a solid yellow line painted on your side of the center line
You cannot pass if. . .
on hills or curves and at intersections
You cannot pass if. . .
you are 100 feet of a bridge, viaduct, tunnel or raildroad crossing
stay __seconds behind vehicles
a truck or any vehicle towing another vehicle my not follow within___ feet of another truck or vehicle towing a vehicle (does not apply with cities and towns)
Always park on the _____side of a roadway
When parking on hills. . .
Turn you wheels into the curb
When parking on hills. . .
set the parking break
no parking __feet of an intersection
no parking __feet of an
Entrance to a fire, ambulance or rescue squad station
No parking __feet of a Fire hydrant
no parking with __feet of a rural mailbox
no parking within__feet of a railroad crossing
No parking on a ________of a highway where parking spaces are not marked
Hard Surface
No parking on any. . .
Bridge, Overpass and tunnel
No parking within __feet of any flashing signal stop sign or traffic signal
Parking Lights must be used on any vehicle Parked on a
Roadway or shoulder outside of cities and towns
Interstate highways, freeways and turnpikes with multiple lanes and no stop signs are called
low beam are effective on at __ to __MPH
20 to 25
high beam headlights can reveal objects up to ___feet
dont use high beam headlights within__feet of oncoming vehicles
use low beam headlights if you are within __feet of vehicles ahead of you
use (dim) headlights during. . .
rain smoke or fog
if you are unable to drive in a fog
pull all the way off the pavement and turn on your emergency lights
During rain plan for almost _times the stopping distance
Park where the vehicle can be seen in each direction, get all four wheels off the pavement, get all passengers away from traffick, tie a white cloth a left door handle or antenna, and raised the hood.
Tire Blowout
Dont use breaks,concentrate on steering, slow down gradually, break softly when the car is under control, pull completely of the pavement.
Wet Breaks
Test breaks lightly after driving in deep water, breaks may pull to one side or not hold at all, dry breaks by driving slowly in low gear and applying breaks
right wheels off pavement
take foot off the gas pedal, hold the wheel in a straight line, brake lightly, wait until the road is clear, turn back on the pavement sharply at low speed
Car or motorcycle approaching your lane
sound your horn, brake sharply, steer for the side of the road or the ditch
Jammed Gas pedal
keep eyes on the road, tap the gas pedal with your foot, try to pry the gas pedal up with your toe, shift to neutral, turn off the ignition, use your brakes
Brake Failure
Pump the brake pedal hard and fast, except for vehicle with anti-lock breaks, shift to lower gear apply the parking break slowly and make sure you are holding down the release lever or button, rub your tires on the road to slow your vehicle or pull off the road into an open space.
take your foot off the gas pedal, do not use your breaks, pump the breaks gently if you are about to hit something. steer the car into the direction of the skid. steer in the direction you wish to go.
attempt to extinguish the fire if it is small and you have a portable extinguisher, if you are unable to extinguish the fire get away from the vehicle
never apply water to a gasoline or diesel fire