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protects clothes and body


Holds Matter
Does NOT Measure

Bunsen Burner

Heat Source


Technique to separate homogeneous mixtures


Runs Software

Displacement Tank

Uses water displacement to measure volume


protects eyes

Hot Pad

Protects hands and surfaces from heat

Hot Plate

heat source


an interface to collect and store data


Software for data analysis

Mass Set

used to increase mass

Measuring Tape

Measures length

Slotted Car

Demonstrates motion

Petri Dish

Holds Matter


starts and stops timer


dispenses liquids

Power Supply

supplies power to electric device

Slotted Ramp

Pathway for slotted car in motion studies

Ring Clamp

supports equipment

Ring Stand

supports equipment


measures length

Scoopula (Spatula)

scoops solids

Shurlite (Striker)

Ignites heat source

Support Stand

supports equipment

Surface Protector

protects surface of table from heat

Temperature Probe

measures kinetic energy


measures time

Beam Balance

measures mass

Utility Clamp

supports equipment

Wash Bottle

sprays distilled water

Water Bath

used to heat/cool matter indirectly

Wire Mesh

supports equipment

Graduated Cylinder

measures volume

USB Cable

connects an interface to computer

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