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These expression are to be used to help students develop and express ideas and arguments in French when writing a well-organized and coherent composition of substantial length. Items 1-6 can be used to present the essay theme. Items 7-10 can be used to introduce your first argument and items 11,12 relate to introducing further arguments. Items 13-16 are to be used in a conclusion.

It's well known that

Il est bien connu que

Everyone agrees that

Tout le monde s'accorde à penser que


De nos jours

We live in a world where

Nous vivons dans un monde où

It is often said that

On entend souvent dire que

For some time now

Depuis un certain temps

Let's begin by examining

Commençons d'abord par examiner

First of all let's examine

En premier lieu examinons

Let's start with the various problems that

Prenons comme point de départ les différents problèmes qui

Let's first try to pinpoint

Il s'agit tout d'abord de désigner

We should now look at

Il convient maintenant d'analyser

Let's now consider the point of view of

Venons-en maintenant à considérer le point de vue de

When all is said and done

Tout compte fait

All in all

En somme

At the end of the day

En fin de compte

In conclusion

En conclusion

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