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8th Grade - Reconstruction - Topics

What were the conditions of the South after the war?
Railroads were decimated, towns burned to the ground, banks had gone bankrupt, and four million former slaves were now freedmen.
What were the goals of Reconstruction?
The purpose of Reconstruction was to rebuild the south, let the states form new governments if the voters would swear loyalty to the Union, provide amnesty (government pardon) to Confederates who would swear loyalty to Union, and establish the Freedmen's Bureau to help the blacks.
How did Congress gain control of Reconstruction?
The rise of Radical Republicans helped Congress take charge. They wanted to break the power of wealthy plantation owners and ensure freedmen the right to vote. They ratified the 14th Amendment. They threw out state governments that refused to pass 14th. They sent military to enforce Reconstruction.
How did Congress change Reconstruction?
To rejoin Union, states had to rewrite state constitutions and rat. 14th. Former Confed soldiers barred from voting. As a result, Republicans in Congress took over all southern state governments and finally all states were part of the Union. This was a change from the beginning of Reconstruction.
How did different groups of people in the South respond to Reconstruction?
BLACKS were had a new voice, voted in elections, were elected to office, and began to be educated. NORTHERNERS came to earn a living in the South or were Union soldiers who had come to love the area during the war. WHITE SOUTHERN REPUBLICANS wanted Reconstruction to succeed and supported Congress-Republicans. They were successful business people but were hated by Confederate supporters.
What were the successes of Reconstruction?
Reconstruction benefited the South because:
-a public education system grew for blacks
-women gained the right to own property, Recon. -governments rebuilt infrastructure ) railroads, roads, bridges.
What were the failures of Reconstruction?
Reconstruction created problems because;
- Southern taxes rose sharply to pay for rebuilding
-widespread corruption and misuse of $
-sharecropping kept freedmen in cycle of poverty
-Ku Klux Klan arose to limit black rights