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material such as magma or lava cools and hardens

How are igneous rocks created?

granite, basalt and pumice

Name examples of igneous rocks.

different minerals

The hot material that form igneous rocks crystallizes into _________.

eroded from igneous metamorphic,other sedmentary rocks and even the remains of dead plants and animals

What are sedimentary rocks made up of?


Most ______ are found in sedimentary rocks.

squeezed and compressed into rock

Sediments are deposited in layers, and then they are _______________.

sandstone, limestone, and coal

Examples of sedimentary rocks include __________.

sedimentary or igneous rock are transformed by heat and pressure

Metamorphic rocks are produced when ______________.

marble, slate, and garnet

Examples or metamorphic rocks include ______________.

to change form

The word "metamorphic" comes from the Greek language, which means ___________.

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