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Air Masses and Fronts


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Air mass
large body of air that has the same temperature and humidity
the boundary where two air masses meet
Stationary front
when a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and neither move
Occluded front
when a warm air mass is caught between two cooler masses
Warm front
when warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass
Cold front
When a cold air mass takes over a warm air mass
Local winds
winds that blow for a short period of time over short distances
Global winds
steady winds that blow over long distances from a specific direction
Jet Stream
bands of high speed winds about 10 kilometers above Earth's surface
horizontal movement of air caused by differences in air pressure which are a result of differences in temperature
measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance
water vapor in the air
Relative humidity
the amount of water vapor that is part of the air, compared with the maximum amount that could be part of the air at that temperature
Air pressure
the force exerted by the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area