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Section 1 - Protists

an organism that belongs to the kingdom Protista
an organisms that gets food by eating other organisms or their byproducts and that cannot make organic compounds from inorganic materials
an organism that feeds on an organism of another species (host) and that usually harms the host; the host never benefits from the presence of the parasite
an organism from which a parasite takes food or shelter
What is one way that protists differ from plants and animals?
protists do not have specialized tissues
Name a characteristic shared by all protists.
Name three ways that protists can differ from each other.
The number of cells they have.
The way they get food
The way they move
Describe four ways that protists get food.
1. Producers - produce food through photosynthesis.
2 Heterotrophs - eat other organisms
3. Decomposers - break down dead organic matter
4. Parasites - invade another organism to get nutrients
What are two ways that protists can reproduce asexually by fission?
Binary fission - single cell divides to produce two offspring
Multiple Fission - single cell divides to produce more than two offspring
form of sexual reproduction in which two protists join and exchange genetic material
What kingdom do protists belong to?
Most protists are made of how many cells?
All protists are ____, which means that each of their cells has a nucleus.
What function do chloroplasts perform in protist producers?
capture energy from the sun
What is the term for the process protists use to make their own food?
A protists that makes its own food is a(n) ___.
Organisms that cannot make their own food are ____that must get food from the environment.
Many heterotrophs are ____, which invade other organisms to get nutrients.
Protist heterotrophs that break down dead matter for energy are ___.
What do most protist heterotrophs get food?
small living organisms, such as bacteria, yeast, or other protists
In what three ways do protists heterotrophs get food?
predators, parasites, decomposers
In asexual reproduction, how many parents are there?
In asexual reproduction, what process do single-celled protists use to divide into two cells?
binary fission
What process do single-celled protists use in asexual reproduction to make more than two offspring from one parent?
multiple fission
How do paramecia sometimes reproduces sexually?
When will a protist tat normally reproduces asexually reproduce sexually?
parents will reproduce asexaully until environmental conditions become stressfull, then these protists will use sexual reproduction until conditions improve
Summarize the five steps it takes for Plasmodium virvax to complete its reproductive cycle.
1. Infected mosquito bites human and releases P.vivax. 2. P.vivax infects human liver, reproduces and enters bloodstream, 3. P. vivax invades red blood cells and multiplies, 4. Mosquito bites human and picks up P.vivax, 5. P.vivax matures into its original form