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  • United States
    The President of which country has launched a racist, misogynistic attack on some of his own citizens, telling them to 'go back to their own countries' even though they were mostly born in the same country as him?
  • England
    Which country has just won the cricket World Cup?
  • India
    Which country's second attempt at an unmanned moon landing has been postponed due to a technical problem?
  • France
    Clashes between police and protesters have taken place on the streets of which country's capital, marring its celebration of Bastille Day?
  • Algeria
    Riyad Mahrez scored a late winner last night to send which country's football team to the African Cup of Nations final?
  • Somalia
    Terrorsts stormed a hotel in which country at the weekend, resulting in the deaths of at least 26 people?
  • Australia
    Dozens of birds fell from the sky and died last week in which country? It is suspected that the deaths may be a result of deliberate poisoning.
  • Taiwan
    The wife of a Presidential candidate in which country has been criticised for illegally building a mansion on farmland that is supposed to be reserved for agriculture?
  • Brazil
    The President of which south American nation has reportedly offered to the role of ambassador to the United States of America to his own son?
  • Egypt
    Which country is opening a 'nent pyramid' to tourists?
  • Iran
    Reports in the UK press claim that Donald Trump scrapped a nuclear deal with which country because he was jealous of Barack Obama and wanted to spite him?
  • Libya
    The United Nations has called for detention centres in which country to be closed, saying the facilities are not fit to house migrants?