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  1. Nicole
  2. Ramon
  3. Zaire
  4. Rachel
  5. Ms. Donna
  1. a obviously is allergic to his seat in his desk
  2. b teaches us about Jewish culture
  3. c comes up with lots of creative projects
  4. d future model with those long legs
  5. e her mama works in the office

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  1. goes to lots of Saints games-lucky dog!
  2. loves to read Jane Austen novels
  3. flies in private jets
  4. girl who cleans up after you guys
  5. dad is in the military

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  1. Anthonybeautiful head of hair


  2. Clarahas a facebook!


  3. SydnieDiva artist


  4. AmieRadio sensation!


  5. Austin S.boy who cleans up your mess