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  1. Rachel
  2. Austin S.
  3. Maya
  4. JaSiya
  5. Jarrod
  1. a gonna probably be in the NFL
  2. b Teaches us about Arabic culture
  3. c has a passion for fashion
  4. d boy who cleans up your mess
  5. e teaches us about Jewish culture

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  1. her mama works in the office
  2. future model with those long legs
  3. has a facebook!
  4. chatty cheerleader
  5. good photographer

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  1. Gageflies in private jets


  2. Ms. Yvetteloves to read Jane Austen novels


  3. Anthonyobviously is allergic to his seat in his desk


  4. DerriusDad keeps him quiet


  5. KalebAggleburger!