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Morgan Geography period 3

a holy war
a place where water from an aquifer has reached the surface, supports vegetation,and wildlife
west bank
in israel, a strip of land on the west side of the Jordan river, origanally controlled by Jordan, which is a part of the land set aside of Arabs Palastinians
the policy of extending the rule or athority of an enpire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and dolding colonie and dependencies
a displaced group of Arabs who lived or still live in the area formerly called palestine and now called Israel
loose sedimentary material containing bery small rock particles, formed by river deposites and very fertile
suez canal
a canal in NE Egypt, cutting across the Isthmus of Suez and connecting the Mediteranial Sea to the Red Sea. 107 miles long
a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed and the biggest cultural and religious influence in North America
crude oil
petrolum that has not been processed
a form of government in which religious leaders control the government, relying on religious law and consultation with religious scholars
a region in southwest asia between the tigris and the euphrates rivers, which was the location of some of the earliest civilizations in the world; part of the cultural hearth known as the Fertile Crescent
golan heights
a hully plateau overlooking the Jordan River and the sea of galilee; a strategic locationthat has been the site of conflict in southwest Asia for decades
the hiest city of Islam located in Saudi Arabia, wehre people make pigramages to fufill Islamic religious duty
a narrow band of dry grassland, running east to west on the osuthern edge of the Sahara, that is used for farming and herding
statelass society
one in which people use linages, or families whoose members are descended from a common ancestor, to govern themselves
religion of the Jews, belief in the Old Testament and in the teachings and commentaries of the rabbis as found chiefly in the Talmud
a place where crude oil is converted into useful products
stateless nation
a nation of people that does not have a territoy to legally occupy, like the Palestinians, Kurds, and Basues
gaza strip
a territory along the Mediterranean Sea just northeast of the Sinai Peninsula; part of the land set aside for the Palestinians, occupied by Israel
totalitarian government
where the government controls its citizens daily life and every aspect of it
a strict muslim group in afghanistan that has impposed rigin rules on society, including prescribed clothing styler for both men and women, restictions on the appearance of women
the doctrine belief that there is onl one g-d
aswan high dam
a dam on the nile river in egypt, completed in 1970 which increased Egypt's farmable land by 50% and protected it from droughts and floods
sahara desert
the largest desert in the world, stretching 3,000 miles across the African continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the red sea, 1,200 miles north to south
a christian religion including the catholic prostant and eastern orthadox churches
the organization of petroleum exporting countries, a group established in 1960 by some pil-producing nations to cordinate policies on selling petroleum products
Palestine Liberation Organization
strategic commodity
a resource so important that nations will got o ware to ensure its steeady supply
a riverbed that remain dry except during the rainy seasons
a society, community, or country based on this social organization
euphrates river
a river in southwest asia, which supportedd several ancient civilizations and flowes through parts of Turky, Syria, and Iraq and empties into the purisian Gulf
one of the grea empires of ancien Asia, situated on a triangulan Peninsula on the Gult of Tunisia on the coase of the Meditterranean Sea
berlin conference
a conferance of 14 European nation sheld in 1884-1885 in Berlin, Germany, to establish rules for political control of Africa
one-commodity country
a country that relys on one principle export for much of it's earnings
a movement that began in the 19th century to create and support the Jewish homeland in Palestine
an ethinic group in southwestern asia that has occupied kurdistan, located in turkey, iraq, and iran, for about a thousand years, involved in clashes between them
a series of wars launched by European Christians to capture the Holy Land (Palestine) from Muslims
salt flat
flat land made of chemical salts that remainafter winds evaporate the moisture in the soil
a type of government in which an individual or a group holds complete political power
the language spoken by the arabs
tigris river
one of the most important rivers of southwest asia, it's supported several ancient river bally civilizations, and flows through parts of Syria
a kind of pupular Algerian music developed in the 1920's by poor urban childen that is fast-paced with danceable rythms;was sometimes used as a form of rebellion to expose political unhappiness
a temporary prebalence of a disease
oily, thick, flammable liqyid found by drilling, used for energy