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23 terms

judicial branch vocab

judicial branch
the branch of government thatacts as the justice system of the us
decision used as an example to set standards for future cases
strict constructionist
someone who feels the constitution should be interpretted literally word for word
loose constructionist
feels the constitution and other laws should be interpretted considering our current times and conditions
the authority to interpret and administer laws
federal laws
laws created by congress for all us
state laws
laws created by state legislatures for individual states
lower courts
handle day to day work of the judicial branch
district courts
the trial courts of freedom district courts
appellate court
hears appealed cases from district courts
request for higher court to hear case
supreme court
highest court in the us
judicial review
gives court power to determine whether gov't laws and actions are constitutional
judge that serves on supreme court
corrections system
used for dealing out punishment for breaking laws
a local or county correctional institution where inmates serve less than one year for a misdemeanor
state or federal correctional system where inmates serve more than a year for felony crimes.
when a prisoner remains free but under court's supervision
the idea that criminals deserve punishemnt for comitting a crime
when prisons reform prisoners to contribution to society
the idea that the fear of prison keeps citizens from committing a crime
the idea that prisons keep society safe from criminals
capital punishment
the death penalty