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Science Final 9th S1 Chap 10

Define sea-floor spreading
The process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma, rises to Earth's surface, and solidifies as a mid-ocean ridge
Pieces of the Earth's crust that move around are called ______
tectonic plates
All of the Earth's continents were part of one giant continent called ______
Describe the movement along:
Convergent Boundaries _____________,
Transform Boundaries ______________,
Divergent Boundaries ______________
Convergent: plates moving towards each other -> <-
Transform: plates sliding past each other while moving in opposite directions
Divergent: plates moving away from each other to form mid-ocean ridges <-- -->
Where are the youngest rocks on the ocean found, closer to mid-ocean ridges or farther from mid-ocean ridges?
How are tectonic plates like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle?
Because they're movable and when you put them all together they make one piece