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a measure of how much matter is in an object
the amount of space that matter occupies
international system of units (si)
the system of units used by scientist to measure the properties of matter
the measurement of how much mass of a substance is contained in a given volume
what is volume?
the amount of space that matter ocupies
what are the metric units for mass ?
grams and kilograms
how do we measure mass? what tool do we use?
the measure o mass we place an object on a triple beam balance and record the # in grams
what is the difference between mass and weight?
if you move an object away from earth , its weight changes ( because of gravity) but its mass stays the same
what is mass?
mass is a measue of how much matter is in an object
what properties of matter do we measure?
how do we measureliquid volume?
use a graduated cylinder
a measure of the force of gravity on an object
what scientific tools do we use to measure volume?
graduated cylinder, ruler
how do we measure the volume of an irreular object?
*use a cylinder
1.measure amount of volume in cylinder
2. add object to cylinder
3. measure new volume
4.caculate the difference
*difference= objects volume
what is matter
matter is the "stuff" that makes up everything in the universe