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  1. Compressive stress
  2. Stress vs. force
  3. The __________ of a material is defined as the average level of stress at which a material exhibits a certain amount of initial plastic deformation or at which fracture occurs in test specimens of the same shape and size.
  4. Strain
  5. average biting force
  1. a Ratio of compressive force to cross-sectional area prependicular to the axis of applied force.
  2. b
    Change in length per unit initial length.

    Units are in %
  3. c strength
  4. d 756 N
  5. e
    Stress = Force / area

    stress units - MPa

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  1. b. dentin

    dentin → 50 MPa
    enamel → 10 MPa
  2. Stress and/or strain
  3. flaws on the surface are associated with higher stresses than are flaws of the same size in interior regions. Thus surface finishing of brittle materials such as ceramics, amalgams, and composites is extremely important in areas subjected to tensile stress.

  4. Maximum stress at which stress is proportional to strain and above which plastic deformation occurs.

    in this case: PL= 1020 MPa

  5. • The <b>stress</b> at which a test specimen exhibits a specific amount of plastic strain (0.2%)

    • The YS at 0.2% strain offset from the origin is 1536 MPa in this case.

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  1. When stress is induced in a two-unit cantilever bridge, where you would expect the tensile and compressive stress develop?b. parallel

    brackets for braces is a good example


  2. What does the straight line in the strain-stress curve represent?
    by comparing the <b>area</b> underneath the elastic region.

    ↑ the area = ↑ resilience


  3. if stress/strain value is very small the materials are said to be:
    by comparing the <b>area</b> underneath the elastic region.

    ↑ the area = ↑ resilience


  4. Units of Modulus of elasticity
    line below which the material will NEVER fail under an
    infinite amount of cycles: IDEAL!!!!


  5. Stress concentrationDeformation that is recovered upon removal of an externally applied force or pressure.