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The Elements of Beyblades

A description of the 4 types of beys used in Beyblade:Metal Fusion.
These beys hit their opponent feriously. Their performance tips are made to make them aggresive and speedy. Lack of Stamina on these however prevents these beys from spinning a long time.
Beys with heavy Fusion Wheels. Their parts are made to take many hits before being knocked out. Defense types can easily defeat an Attack type. Most Defense types have decent Stamina, but a Stamina can still outspin it.
Made for endurence. While they have little Attack power, their true strength lies in their Performance Tips, which are made to spin on almost any terrain. Good against Defense Types.
A bey that has a little bit of all three of the types. Usually comes with parts that are toltally different from eachother. The outcome battling these is random.