Edgar Allen Poe

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Poe was born in 1809 and his mother was a famous up and coming ____________.


Poe's father abandoned him (left him) and the family and Eliza (Poe's) mother contracted the disease________________. She died leaving Poe an orphan at an early age.

John Allan

Poe was adopted by ________________ and his wife, Frances. Poe's childhood was not happy; his father never accepted him .

University of Virginia

Poe attended college at the ______________________.


While at school, Poe began __________________ in an attempt to make money but put him more in debt.


To avoid his creditors, Poe dropped out of school and enlisted in the ________________. After three years, Poe left in pursuit of a career in writing.


Poe went to visit his aunt and fell in love with his cousin _____________. They married and Poe was finally happy. During his marriage, Poe began his career as a writer.

The Raven/Father of the Detective Story

This was the first story of its kind and resulted in Poe being given the title __________________________.


Poe's wife contracted ___________________.

The Raven

Poe spent much time caring for his wife. His poem, the _____________ was written as his wife lay dying. This poem focuses on a sinister bird who prevents the narrator from seeing his love.


After the death of his wife, Poe slipped into a severe state of depression. He was very ____________ and not able to buy clothes and forced to wear his black coat.


Poe started ______________ heavily causing severe mood swings.


After the death of his wife, Virginia, Poe contacted ____________, his first love and asked to marry her.


Poe was found dead in __________________.

40 years old

Poe never recovered, and died in a hospital four days later at the age of ___________.

brain lesion

****How did Poe develp his manic depressive behavior?

Poe's real mother died and his dad left the family and later died.

What happened to Poe's biological (birth) parents?

John Allan and Frances Allan

****Who raised Poe while he was growing up?

Frances loved Poe, but John hated Poe

What kind of relationship did the Allan's have with Poe?

Elmira Royster

Who was Poe's first love?

Poe owed money so he dropped out of college. He went in the army and changed his name.

What kind of trouble did Poe get into in college and how did he resolve it?


****Whom did Poe marry?

Virginia was his cousin and she died of tuberculosis also.

Why was Poe's choice of bride strange?

Poe's wife died of tuberculosis at the age of 20./ -Poe was grief-stricken and cried at her grave.

****What happened to Poe's wife? How did he react?


Who does Poe become reaquainted with?

Poe died

****What happens to Poe at the age of 40?

The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven

List three of his famous works:


To dislike greatly


To try to make someone angry or upset by teasing him or her.


To put an end to something.


Sharp, intense


Shocked or horrified by something terrible.


Condition in which a person's body becomes rigid; it does not respond to stimuli.


Gloomy, causing depression


To cover, veil


A group of plants that live off of living or dead substances.


Terrifying, dreadful


A person who inherits something


Not able to be endured.


Difficult to bear, harshly


Unhealthy paleness of face


Blankly, without expression

January 19, 1809

When was Edgar Allan Poe born?


Poe's real mother was an _________________.

Poe's mother died when he was 3.

What tragedy happened to Poe at a very young age?

John and Frances Allan/ He was treated badly by John

Who adopts Poe and what type of relationship do they have?


A barrel of any size for holding liquids


A very rare and expensive wine, especially during the Middle Ages


Series of underground passages containing space for coffins and graves.


Refers to members of the Freemasons, a secret group started during the Middle Ages but still in existence today.


Refers to niter, a white, gray of colorless mineral found incaves and caverns.

metaphor, hyperbole

Type of figurative lang. The room was an oven and the students were baking in the sun.


Type of figurative lang. The slimy snail slowly snuck across the busy sidewalk.


Type of figurative lang. Crash went the glass on the hard tile floor below.


Type of figurative lang. The cool wind kissed my cheek as I walked home from school.


Type of figurative lang. I have a ton of homework every night.


Type of figurative lang. The rain fell like bullets from the black sky.


In Fall of the House of Usher (play) the man's name is__________.


In the Fall of the House of Usher (movie) the man's name is ______________.

Like he did nothing wrong.

In the Tell-Tale Heart story, what do you think the narrator was trying to prove by inviting the officers in for tea?


In the Tell-Tale Heart, what feelings might the narrator have been experiencing that led him to confess to the officers at the end of the play?

Yes, I think the narrator is insane because Poe is the narrator, the person telling the story.

Based on what you read about the play Tell-Tale Heart, do you think the narrator is insane? Yes or No?

He got drunk and cuts Pluto's eye out.

In the story of The Black Cat, what does the narrator first do to Pluto to let the reader know that he might not be fully insane?


What type of figurative language is this? The baby was like an octopus, grabbing at all the cans on the grocery store shelves. Summer is like the holidays because we are off from school. Those girls are like two peas in a pod.


What type of figurative lang. is this? Snow is a blanket covering the grass. The giant's steps were thunder as he ran toward Jack. The pillow was a cloud when I put my head upon it after a long day.


What type of figuarative lang.? The nuts were hiding so the squirrels don't find them easily. Little tiny pieces of ice are jumping from the sky.


What type of figuarative lang? The leaves were littering my lawn while falling down little by little. Rain drops were drizzling while dancing in the sky.


What type of figurative lang? The tree branches cracked from the snowstorm. Chirp! The birds were chirping happily for food.


What type of figurative lang? The snow is so deep that three houses can be buried in it.


The love of Poe


The city of Poe's death.


Friend who visits Roderick


Suffers from acute senses


sharp, intense


blankly, without expression


Father of the Detective Story




Who was buried alive?


shocked or horrified


cover completely




body appears dead


bothers narrator in "Tell Tale Heart"


paleness of face


the desire to return harm for harm done; to get back at someone for doing something bad to them.

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