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Figurative language

language employing figures of speech which is language not to be taken literally


statement or situation containing apparently contradictory or incompatible elements


a situation or use of a language involving a discrepancy or incongruity

Verbal irony

what is meant is the opposite of what is said

Situational irony

an incongruity between what is appropriate or expected and what actually occurs

Dramatic irony

the author implies a different meaning from the speaker or character ( the reader knows more than the character)


a comparison between unlike things; may be named or implied


an explicit comparison between unlike things using like or as


human attributes given to non-humans


something means more than what it is


a narrative or description with a second meaning beneath the surface


a/k/a Hyperbole - exaggeration used for truth


saying less than one means or with less force than required


a compact paradox in two successive words
( see Paradox)


one part or detail represents the whole

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