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First Colonies in the Americas - Chapter 4 Study guide

What does the word legislature mean?
A law making branch of government.
From which city did Spanish leaders govern most of the colonies?
Mexico City
What is a primary source?
Records and artifacts made by people who saw or took part in an event
What did Spain build in the borderlands of New Spain to convert The American Indians to Christianity?
Who introduced horse to the Native Americans? How did horses change life for many American Indians?
The Spanish.
They could hunt with them, ride them and use them for traveling.
How did Tisquantum help the first colonies in New England?
Showed them where to fish and how to plant squash, pumpkins and corn.
In which present day states did the Dutch establish New Netherland?
New York and New Jersey
Which part of North America did La Salle claim for France in 1684?
The entire Mississippi River Valley
Why did French merchants help set up settlements in North America?
They wanted the wealth and fur trade
What kept Marquette and Joliet from reaching the mouth of the Mississippi River?
They feared that the Europeans might be Spanish solders
What changed the life for many American Indians after the arrival of the Spanish?
The Spanish brought over other animals.
What was one problem the early French settlements faced?
Unlike Spain's and England's colonies, New France grew slowly.
Who was the first French explorer to reach the mouth of the Mississippi River?
La Salle
What was the aim of Dutch Settlers coming to North America?
The Dutch aim in establishing a colony was to gain profits from the sale of furs to Europe.
When did the Virginia company establish Jamestown?
When did Pedro Menendez de Aviles establish St. Augustine?
When did the Dutch establish New Amsterdam?
When did Samuel de Champlain establish Quebec?
When did William Bradfort and the Pilgrims establish Plymouth?