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Ch 23 CMA Exam Review - Medical Emergencies & First Aid

What percentage of the body is involved in a burn that covers one arm and the head of an adult?
A. 1%
B. 9%
C. 18%
D. 36%
E. 40%
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The Good Samaritan law explicitly allows medical assistants
A. To administer first aid within the scope of their competence
B. To call the EMS system and stay with the victim until EMS personnel arrive
C. To act freely in an emergency situation to save the victim's life
D. To diagnose the patient at the scene of an accident or emergency
E. Only to call the EMS system and wait for authorized personnel but not to touch or communicate with an accident victim
Which of the following are symptoms of heatstroke?
A. The body tingles, and the patient feels pain
B. There is a white, waxy, or grayish yellow build-up on the skin, and the patient has a high body temperature
C. The skin feels moist and hot, and the patient feels dizzy, with a possibly altered mental state
D. The pulse is rapid, the skin is hot and dry, and the patient feels weak
E. The patient has a strange metallic taste in his or her mouth and feels hot