Jasmine Lines🧞‍♂️✌️

From now on, I intend to reign over her with an iron fist!
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Lucky for you, I know this place like the back of my hand! Let me show you around.Oooh!Beautiful, huh? Egyptian jade. Fit for a princess!What was that?You'd better be able to pay for that!Pay?She seems perfectly healthy to me.Why is that camel talking to us?What camel?The one in the turban.She stole from me!The camel is mad!Aladdin: This way!Do you think we lost them?Don't worry. They'll never find us up here. So... where you from?I thought you had me all figured out.Well... you're definitely not a local girl... which means you must be on the run from something.My father.Running away from home?Running away from life. He's trying to force me to marry against my will.That's terrible. You should be free to make your own choices, right?Right. Do you live here?Oh, I know it's not much to look at. But how about the view? Look how beautiful the palace is.Spectacular.Not impressed?It's beautiful, but why should some people get to live in such splendor, when others... don't? That's not fair.I wonder what it would be like to live there, to have servants and valets... and a bed.And people who keep you locked behind walls and then tell you what to do and who to love.It's better than here. Always scraping for food and dodging the guards.You're not free to make your own choices.Sometimes you feel so...You're just... Trapped.Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take off and never look back?Only every hour of every day.Guard: This way!They're after me! They're after you?Do you trust me?What did you say?Do you trust me?I'm not sure why, but... yes.Silence! Or I'll finish you both right here in the street!Wait! I command you to stop!Quiet!You will release Aladdin immediately.With all due respect, Princess, my orders come from Jafar, not you.Everything's going to be all right. The Sultan will straighten this out!I didn't know you were the Princess.I know you didn't. And it was wonderful.Get ready to look fabulous!!Father, do you have any idea how your subjects are living out in the streets?Jasmine, you shouldn't have been out in the marketplace all by yourself!I wasn't by myself. I told you, I was with a boy named Aladdin, and the guards—Yes, Your Majesty. Razoul brought the Princess's kidnapper to me.Aladdin didn't kidnap me. I ran away—Oh dear. I'm afraid the boy's sentence has already been carried out.What sentence?Why, death, of course.What? How could you?!? He didn't do anything wrong!Jafar, this is an outrage! From now on, you are to discuss sentencing of prisonersAt least some good will come from me being forced to marry. When I am Queen, I will have the power to get rid of you!Oh really? Rich, charming, and handsome? That's everybody's type. The Princess will fall for me on the spot, or my name isn't Prince Ali of Ababwa—How dare you! All of you, standing around deciding my future! I am not a prize to be won!I was only saying that—That I'd fall for you just because you're rich and handsome? Is that how you think I measure a person's worth? You know, there's much more to the world than princes and palaces.I didn't mean—Goodbye, Prince Ali. I suggest you look for someone just as shallow as you are. But thanks for the parade and everything. You certainly know how to put on a show!Where will you go?It doesn't matter. I will not be auctioned off to some self-centered show-off!So I've heard...It's all right, ladies. I can handle him.Whew! Alone at last.Save your breath, Prince Ali—Please, Princess. Obviously, I've offended you, which was not my intention. Whatever it is I've done, I humbly beg your forgiveness.Wait a moment. Have we met before?Uh... That's impossible!You remind me of someone I met in the marketplace.Why, I even have servants who go to the marketplace for my servants. So it couldn't have been me you met.No, you couldn't be him.Did I mention how beautiful you look tonight?And rich, too. A fine prize for any prince to marry.Right. A prince like me.You're just like the rest, only after my fortune!No. You're right! You aren't just some prize to be won. You should be free to make your own choice. I'll go now.Wait! No! Ali, I didn't mean—You called?How... how are you doing that?It's a magic carpet.I didn't know they really existed! Where did you find it?I know a guy. Care to go for a ride? We could get out of the palace.Will it be safe?Do you trust me? (1st)What did you say?Do you trust me? (2nd)I'm not sure why, but yes.There you are. Back safe and sound.Thank you for the ride. I've never seen a more amazing view.Then you should be standing where I am. You know, Princess, even if you don't choose me, I'll still remember this as the best night of my entire life.Even better than the night we planned to run away together?I— I mean— I didn't fool you for a second, did I?Did you think I'd really go on a magic carpet ride with a complete stranger? Why did you lie to me? The truth, this time.The truth? The truth is... I sometimes dress as a commoner and go out into the marketplace in disguise to experience how "real people" live. Sound familiar?Maybe...So, will I see you again?As soon as I speak to my father.Al: What do you mean?Well, I have to tell him I just might have found the perfect suitor, don't I?I can't tell you how happy I am, Jasmine.I know it seems so sudden, but it's as if I've known him my whole life.Moral character?Is anything wrong, Ali?You're right, Jafar. Maybe I am just a guy who rubbed a lamp. But you know what? So are you!What are you doing?Jasmine, I never meant to hurt you. I thought being a prince would make me worthy of you. But lying was wrong.So was trying to run away when I had a responsibility to the people of Agrabah.As a ruler of Agrabah one day, she will lead us with justice and compassion.Really, Father?Yes, my dear.Do you trust me... Aladdin?What did you say?Do you trust me?I should have listened to you from the beginning, Kassim.What do you say to being our Royal Advisor?I'd be honored... Your Highness.You can call me Jasmine.