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  1. Unitary government
  2. Public Education
  3. preamble
  4. Freedom of Press
  5. Special Interest Groups
  1. a a preliminary introduction to the constitution. explaining its purpose.
  2. b an organization of people with some common interest who try to influence government decisions
  3. c a centralized government in which all government powers belong to a single central agency
  4. d national government sets big policies but it is runned by the local and state governments.
  5. e The right of journalists to publish the truth without restriction or penalty

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  1. set by the congress. have to live there for a period of time, no breaking laws, skills or family.
  2. uses supply and demand. People decide what they want to do.
  3. a form of government in which powers are divided between a central government and several local governments. regulates commerce and sets citizenship laws.
  4. Supporters of the Constitution that were led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams. They firmly believed the national government should be strong. They didn't want the Bill of Rights because they felt citizens' rights were already well protected by the Constitution.
  5. a form of government in which the executive and legislative branches of the government are separate, independent, and coequal

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  1. representative democracya form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives. impractical due to a huge size in population.


  2. federalist papersa system in which power is divided between the national and state governments. Share Powers.


  3. Bicameral Legislaturea legislature with one chamber


  4. Executive Branchthe branch of the United States government that is responsible for carrying out and enforcing the laws.


  5. the National Security CouncilGovernment cant set a certain religion.