Use of living organisms to control invasive pests is referred to as...
a. augmentation
b. biological control
c. classic biological control
d. all of the above
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Most of Florida's invasive plants were previously introduced as ____.OrnamentalsBiomass crops proposed for large scale propagation in FL are ____.Giant reed and JetrophaInvasive plant Kudzu is a potential overwintering host for ____.Soybean rustMore bio controls were conducted against insect pests in ____ than were anywhere else in the world.HawaiiCompared to a crop, the ideal weed ____.Flowers earlier with high propagule pressureA biomass plant being propagated in FL is currently invasive in which 2 states?CA and TXBurmese pythons locate their prey in dense environments by ____.Jacobson's organBurmese python is currently considered a threatened species in its native range of ____.Southeast AsiaIn 2012, US interior secretary, Ken Salazar, announced a permanent ban on the _____ of Burmese pythons and other constrictors.ImportationKudzu began to become invasive in the south when it was used for _____.Erosion controlA plant listed as a federal noxious weed must be ___ to prevent further spread and damage to the US landscapecontained and regulatedBecause kudzu is a nitrogen fixer, according to Chapin's invader categories, its impact on US ecosystems would qualify it as ____.a discrete trade invaderLocation where lionfish was first thought to be introduced was ____.South FloridaLionfish is predicted to become a major threat to which country?BrazilDisperse of the lionfish was facilitated by ____Aquarium trade Ballast Water Lack of predatorsLionfish rank second only to ____ in terms of their medical impacts to humans.Sting rays____ was first imported into Brazil where it escaped and then spread north to Mexico and the US.African honey beeEuropean honey bees differ from African honey bees by what characteristics?They swarm less Larger hives More docileBecause the African honey bee is a superior pollinator, it has a significantly increased production of ____.Flowering plantsLoss of biodiversity from invasive species may be due to ___Direct competition Predation HybridizationControl costs for alien plant species in Australia and elsewhere are derived primarily from which control method?Chemical controlEconomic losses from alien plant species in Australia are manifested by ____Reduced crop yields Poor livestock performance Contamination of agricultural productsFlorida is prone to invasion by exotic organisms because of its ____.Disturbed landscapes Island like geography ClimatePlants infected by citrus canker exhibit the following symptomsPremature leaf drop Stem, leaf, and fruit lesions Loss of plant vigorwhen one of three components of the Londsale equation is ____ overall impact of a weed and the total cost of control will be ____small; small or large;largeFor nonnative plants that have escaped cultivation, invasion success is a function of ____.Propagule pressure Suitable climate Invasive elsewhereRivers, streams, and creeks are examples of ___ habitats.LoticMost nonnative plants are introduced for ornamental purposes or ____.AgricultureIt was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries for vertebrates to be introduced in Britain for acclimatization and ____Hunting Sport FoodLoss of biodiversity from invasive species may be due toHybridization Direct competition PredationThe best way to prevent further movement of invasive pests and pathogens is to identify the ____PathwayIndia recently cultivated large acreages of what shrub that is also being cultivated here for biofuel production ____.JatrophaMost important factor limiting invasive species distributions is ____.ClimateBecause of its extreme isolation, NZ's endemic vertebrate fauna consisted only of _____Birds Bats Reptiles this question is stupid because it says only, thanks cudaWelfare loss was the new category added to ____ for measuring the presence and impact of invasive species on conservation lands.Bertram's economic modelControlling invasive plants in SA was justified by showing their impact on ___Water - working for water.In the US and SA, the most important invasive vertebrates are ___.FishDispersal of the sea lamprey from Lake Ontario into the upper great lakes after the construction of the welling canal in 1919 is an example of ____.Extralimital invasionWho is the best senior in AED?CelinaWho is the only person worth missing next year?Celina