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20 terms

chapter 4

the major force bringing continental sediment to the open ocean are
turbidity currents
high energy environments are most likely to contain which one of the following
large particles such as gravel
texture refers to the size and shape of the sediment particles true false
sediments which are poorly sorted and made of a variety of minerals could have been deposited by
turbidity currents
true or false the wentworth scale is used to arrange the amount of sorting in a sediment deposit
underlying the unconsolidated sediments of the seafloor are
basalt pillows and basement rocks
large volumes of bottom sediments may be transported long distances by
turbidity current
the process which break rock and minerals into smaller pieces are collectively termed
true or false geologists classify sediment either by grain size or by source
in volume and quantity most marine sediments are associated with
continental slopes and rises
sediments derived from preexisting rocks are called
lithogenous or terrigenous
all of the following are lithogenous sediments except
diatom ooze
fine and coarse grains of sediment produced by weathering on land are termed _____ sediment
sediments that arrive in the ocean from continents via rivers are called
abyssal clay is a type of
sediments that are organic in orgin meaning made by organisms are called
true false beach sand is well sorted
true false a glacial deposit is well sorted
true false a wellsorted sand deposit with rounded particles might be called immature
the sediment that covers the greatest area of seabed is