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Chapter 6-1 & 6-2 Review

a soldier who is paid to fight in a foreign army...for example the Hessians fought for England in the Revolution.
Thomas Paine
Author of "Common Sense" and "The Crisis"
"Common Sense"
Pamphlet by Thomas Paine that explained reasons why it made sense to separate from England. It helped gain support for independence in America.
Nathan Hale
American spy who was caught by the British and hanged; he became known for saying "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" shortly before his death.
Marquis de Lafayette
French soldier who joined General Washington's staff and became a general in the Continental Army.
Friedrich von Steuben
a former army officer from Germany who served in the Prussan Army who came to help Washington train the Continental Army
Battle of New York City (NY)
Battle in which General Howe gathered his forces in Staten Island (NY) and moved north to New York City. Washington's army did not stand a chance due to being greatly outnumbered so they retreated.
Battle of Saratoga
Major American victory over British troops in 1777 that was a turning point in the American Revolution. Other countries see that Americans had a chance to win against the British and they begin supporting the Americans.
Valley Forge
the site where George Washington and his troops endured a harsh winter (1777-1778) without proper food, shelter, or clothing
Battle of Trenton
Surprise attack by Washington and his troops on Christmas Night 1776. Americans won and captured Hessian soldiers (they were fighting for the British); this boosted the morale of American troops
"The Crisis"
Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to raise morale for the Continental Army; Washington read it to his troops to help inspire them during a very difficult time.
Declaration of Independence
Written to explain to King George/England that the colonies were now independent and would no longer be ruled by England
Thomas Jefferson
Main author of the Declaration of Independence