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  1. decolonization
  2. carrying capacity
  3. Malthusian Theory
  4. Indo-European
  5. apartheid
  1. a population will eventually outstrip the food supply
  2. b world's most commonly spoken language family, Go West Germanic!"
  3. c the amount of people a given area can support
  4. d process of countries becoming independent from their colonial rulers; Mexico becomes independent; Happy Cinco DeMayo
  5. e physical separation of different races into separate geographic areas; separate is never equal (Brown v. Board 1954)

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  1. control a territory that is already inhabited
  2. currency of the European Union
  3. migrants tend to be younger, single, and male
  4. states that do not expand their land area would disintegrate like an organism that fails to find food.
  5. common language can be used for purposes like international communication

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  1. centripetal forcelong and thin states w/poor communication


  2. colonialismcontrol of territory previously unoccupied. "yea right", -Chief Buffalohead


  3. Kurdsstateless nation


  4. geometric boundariesstraight line borders


  5. Lesothoan enclave state