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  1. Kurds
  2. fragmented state
  3. Ravenstein's Laws
  4. Malthusian Theory
  5. carrying capacity
  1. a stateless nation
  2. b population will eventually outstrip the food supply
  3. c land of the state is separated by by water or another country. "take me to Chocolate Hills please"
  4. d the amount of people a given area can support
  5. e migrants tend to be younger, single, and male

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  1. the supreme and absolute authority within territorial boundaries
  2. process of countries becoming independent from their colonial rulers; Mexico becomes independent; Happy Cinco DeMayo
  3. ideal shape of state in which the shape allows for more effective administration of the space/county
  4. ara organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government
  5. currency of the European Union

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  1. Ratzel's "organic theory"population will eventually outstrip the food supply


  2. apartheidphysical separation of different races into separate geographic areas; separate is never equal (Brown v. Board 1954)


  3. physiological densitythe number of farmers per given areas of land. 100 farmers: 1000 acres of land


  4. centripetal forcecontrol a territory that is already inhabited


  5. branchthe first division of a religion: Christianity has three