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  1. dependency ratio
  2. hierarchical diffusion
  3. perforated state
  4. Malthusian Theory
  5. exclave
  1. a how soccer became a globalized sport
  2. b part of one state that is completely surrounded by another state
  3. c population will eventually outstrip the food supply
  4. d the amount of people in a population under th age of 15
  5. e within these states there is another state that is completely surrounded by them.

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  1. limits of the state
  2. currency of the European Union
  3. ara organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government
  4. migrants tend to be younger, single, and male
  5. part of Jewish history as they have been scattered from their hearth for generations

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  1. Hinduismsystematic use of violence by a group in order to intimidate a population or coerce a government into granting its demands


  2. decolonizationprocess of countries becoming independent from their colonial rulers; Mexico becomes independent; Happy Cinco DeMayo


  3. lingua francacommon language can be used for purposes like international communication


  4. sovereigntythe supreme and absolute authority within territorial boundaries


  5. nationcurrency of the European Union


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