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Flashcards for 6th grade Social Studies Sparta and Athens


A city/state in which a main city was surrounded by communities


A large hill where city residents could seek safety and shelter in times of war


The clearing that served as a market place and a meeting place


A person who has certain rights and responsibilities in a country or community


Slaves in Ancient Greece who were usually conquered neighbors


A type of government in which a small group of the most rich and most powerful citizens make decisions and the poor have no power


A government ruled by one ruler or king


Ruled by the people and a form of government where all the citizens get to make decisions

Mount Olympus

A Mountain in northern Greece where the most powerful gods were said to live


A famous poet and philosopher in Ancient Greece who wrote "Iliad" and "The Odyssey"


were made up of groups of people who lived apart from Greece who had the benefit of trading with Greece.

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