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One of the planets known to have rings is


Which of the following is NOT a Jovian planet?


Which of the following is NOT a terrestrial planet?


The most obvious difference between the the terrestrial and the Jovian planets is


The formation of the solar system from a huge cloud of dust and gases is called

nebular theory

Which planet shows evidence of water erosion


The planet with the greatest temperature extremes is


On which thickly clouded planet radar mapping revealed a varied topography consisting of plains,highlands,and thousands of volcanic structures


Whcih of the following planets does NOT have rings?


Which planet, when viewed through a telescope, appears as a reddish ball interrupted by some permanent dark regions that change intensity


Which planet has a greater mass than the combined mass of all the remaining planets and their moons


Which of Jupiter moons is volcanically active


Which planets axis of rotation lies nearly parallel with the plane of its obrit


What characteristic disinguishes Neptune from the other planets

Neptune extremely windy

Jupiter greats red spot is believed to be a

cyclonic storm

The relatively small rocky bodies generally found obriting between Mars and Jupiter are known as


Most asteriods lie between obrits of

Mars and Jupiter

A comet tail always points

away from the sun

The glowing head of comet is known as the


The small particlkes that produce a streak of light upon entering Earth atomsphere are called


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