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list of monarchs

1. Charles II
2. James II
3. Mary (II)* & William III (of Orange, Holland)
4. Anne* & Prince George of Denmark
5. George I (of Hanover, Germany)
6. George II
7. George III
8. George IV
9. William IV
10. Victoria* & Prince Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gothe
11. Edward VII
12. George V
13. Edward VIII
14. George VI
now: Elizabeth II

Robert Walpole

George I lived in Germany (even though he ruled over England) so there needed to be a position established while he was gone. Prime Minister title was given to ____. he lives at #10 downing street

Charles II

had fleed to France when Civil war began, but when asked to rule again he returned to England. Reign was the "Merry Monarch"; had 26 illegitimate children/ famous mistress NELL GWYN! 1665: Plague hits again & 1666: The Great fire of London.

James II

Charles II brother who unexpectingly got the throne. his first wife is PROTESTANT with 2 daughters (Mary & Anne) but he re-marries a CATHOLIC named Mary. (He is secretly a Catholic & hopes that since his wife is catholic, their child will be too---> Restore Catholicism) after many miscarriages, they have a son-- people suspect that the child was actually a servant's... Parliament steps in and gives throne to his daughter Mary

Mary (II)

James II daughter... asked by Parliament to "take over Engalnd" by "force" to keep the Catholics out- called the Glorious Revolution because James could not fight back.
-- she & her Husband WILLIAM III (Orange) are LOVED by the people, but she dies of small pox.


Inherits the throne from her sister (Daughter of James II); married to Prince George of Denmark & is desperate to have son--- gives birth to 18, but only one lives (dies at 11 with fluid in brain)
- her BFF was Sarah Churchill (Married to Duke of Marlborough)

George I

Distant relative; first of the Hanovers
- doesn't speak English, very German so he appoints a Prime Minister to carry out duties while he returns to Germany

George II

Son of George I, but hates his father
- tempermental and LOCKS his wife up
- has son Fredrick, but he dies before he can be crowned
the throne goes to the Grandson

George III

* Grandson of George II, first of the HANOVERS to be born in England; married to Charolette with 15 kids
- well educated, interested in agriculture (fat Sheep)
- King during AMERICAN revolution
- contracts Porphyria (insanity & Blue pee) - struggle to keep throne

George IV

son of George III, hated his father
- tried to steal throne while his father was crazy- given title Prince Regent (He reigned even though the real king was alive) & given Buckingham Palace
- married to Irish Catholic (aka Mrs. Fitzherbert) with 6 kids
- parliament force him to marry Caroline, but he ignores her... one daughter that everyone loves, but she dies in child birth

William IV

brother of George IV, but was OLD & had 10 illegitimate kids
- fascinated with navy
- aka silly billy (dumb)


uncle was William IV; young Protestant who hates mom
- 1837 - 1901
- Married to 2nd cousin Prince Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gothe
- 9 kids, but Albert dies camping
- aka Grandma of all monarchs (married off all children to royalty)
***First monarch to be photographed

Edward VII

takes over after Victoria

George V

son of Edward VII; king during WWI- very German (needed to change name to WINDSOR)
- collected stamps and loved wife

Edward VIII

son of George V; dashing, lovable prince
- falls in love with married, American, Catholic Wallis Simpson
-- addresses over Radio he will give up throne for her
(become duke & duchess of WINDSOR)

George VI

aka ALBERT GEORGE; speech impediment, king during WWII
- wife Elizabeth (queen Mum)
- helped with red cross, LOVED by people

Elizabeth II

daughter of George VI; remarries Phillip Mountbatten
- 4 kids

before Charles II...

Oliver Cromwell has just died after leading a rebellion against King Charles. (Charles was beheaded) There is chaos & Parliment doesn't like Oliver's son as their leader, so decide they to give the throne back to Charles II. (Monarchy never fully restored the power they once had)

Age of reason years

1660- 1798

nicknames for the age of reason...

the age of enlightenment; age of Johnson; age of Pope; Age of restoration;

Sarah Churchill and queen Anne

- (Married to Duke of Marlborough)
- Anne built them Blenheim Palace, but Sarah and Anne got into a fight--- sarah had to pay for construction by herself (took 100 yrs to build)
- is also the birth place of WINSTON Churchill
(Mom was at a party and gave birth on the bed)


group who believed that the true heir was the son of James II descendents (failed attempts to claim throne)

Charles III

the current heir to throne; crowned Prince of Wales when he was 21 Marries Princess Diana Spencer
***have two kids: William(V) and Henry(IX)(Harry)
-- they get divorced, and she dies in a car accident
He gets remarried to Camilla Parker Boulez--- His true love, they cheated on both of their spouses

William V

-- William is going to get married to Kate Middleton (4/29/11)

Current Prime Minister

David Cameron

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