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Leadership Exam: Short Answer

compare and contrast the 2 major systems of stratification (class and caste)
caste: closed system, your born into your class and cannot move out of it, born into your occupation
class: open system, you can move up in down in your class and choose your own occupation
in what ways are material and nonmaterial culture different?
material is a tangible thing and nonmaterial are intangible human creations that influence people's behavior
what characteristics affect poverty and the US?
age: children have the largest percentage of poverty
sex: 57% of poor are women
race and ethnicity: blacks and hispanics are 2x more likely to be poor than anyone else
discuss social mobility in the US
social mobility is the idea that you can move up or down between classes. there are four types-
vertical: movement out of one class into another
horizontal: move within a class but not out of it
intergenerational: change classes between generations; not in your lifetime
intragenerational: change classes within your life time
how does the functionalist perspective and conflict perspective explain social stratification?
functionalist: more skilled indivs fill the more skilled jobs, its a necessary feature of society, fails to consider that people dont have equal access to education
conflict: causes inequality, sees competition over scarce resources, stratification comes from exploitation, fails to recognize that indivs have different characteristics