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Ch 24 The Silk Road SG


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What is the Silk Road?
A network of trade routes that stretched for more that 4,000 miles across Asia
What ideas entered China from India?
Buddhism became a major religion in China
Who was Zhang Qian?
A Chinese explorer often called the Father of the Silk Road because his travels opened the way for trade between China and its western neighbors
Why was silk a valuable good for trade?
At first only the Chinese people knew how to make silk
What did the Romans have that the Chinese prized?
What protected northwestern China?
the Great Wall
What buried travelers in the deserts?
How did travelers protect themselves before entering the deserts?
travelers formed long caravans of camels
What goods did people from India bring to trade on the Silk Roads?
cotton, spices, pearls and ivory
What items did the Chinese value from the Romans?
glass and gold
At the time of the Han dynasty, who was China's northern enemy?
the Huns
What did Zhang Qian learn on his second journey westward?
He learned about a type of horse that was more powerful than the smaller Chinese horse and better suited for war
What did China trade with India?
silk and fine dishware
How did goods reach Antioch and other Mediterranean ports?
By ships that carried throughout the Mediterranian world
What items did the west import from China?
oranges, peaches, pears and different kinds of flowers.
Define Cultural diffusion
the spreading of cultural traits, such as goods and ideas, from one culture to another, or within one culture
Why did travelers choose the northern route of the Silk Roads?
The distances between oases were shorter.
What animal did traders use to carry goods when traveling west on the Silk Roads?
Why was it difficult to trek across the Pamir Mountains?
Lack of oxygen form the high mountains
Why did the Roman emperor most likely forbid men to wear silk?
He wanted to reduce the amount of gold that was flowing out of his empire.
How did Buddhism become a major religion in China?
Chinese returned from India with copies of sacred Buddhist texts.
How did cultural diffusion through the silk road spread Buddhism in China?
Chinese Buddhist journeyed on foot across Central Asia to India to learn more about their new religion.
Why is Kashgar a major trading center on the Silk Roads?
It was half way and connected the Eastern and Western Silk Road