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muscles that move the humerus

The shoulder joint is primarily stabilized by


Which ligament spans the gap between the coracoid process and the acromion?

the articular capsule is very thick

The elbow joint is extremely stable because


The radiocarpal joint is a(n) ____ joint.


The intercarpal articulations are _____ joints.


The joints between vertebrae are examples of ______ joints.

lubricate the joint

Which of the following is not a function of the intervertebral discs?

protrusion of the nucleus pulposus

A herniated disc is caused by


Compared with that of the shoulder, the articular capsule of the hip joint is


The normal movement of the hip joint during walking involves

cruciate ligament

Which of the following ligaments is not associated with the hip joint?

act as cushions and conform to the shape of the articulating surfaces

In the knee joint, the medial and lateral menisci

fat pads

The structures that assist the bursae in reducing friction between the patella and other tissues are the


The ligament that provides support to the front of the knee joint is the _____ ligament.


The back of the knee joint is reinforced by _____ ligaments.

fibular collateral

The lateral surface of the knee joint is reinforced by the _____ ligament(s).


The ligaments that limit the anterior-posterior movement of the femur and maintain the alignment of the femoral and tibial condyles are the ___ ligaments.


The tibiotalar joint is an example of a(n) ___ joint.

reinforce the joint capsule

The "rotator cuff" of the shoulder functions to

The more movement a joint allows, the stronger the joint.

All of the following statements are true, except one. Identify the exception.


The structures responsible for channeling the flow of synovial fluid are

ellipsoidal joints

Joints that connect the fingers and toes with the metacarpal bones and metatarsal bones, respectively, are

the knee contains seven major ligaments

Complete dislocation of the knee is an extremely rare event because

both B and D

Due to the inflexibility of our skeleton, movements can only occur in


A _____ is a synarthrosis that binds the teeth to the bony sockets in the maxillary bone and the mandible.

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